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Bigger, louder, more-er

You deserve better!

So I’m giving it to you. I am creating a new way for you to see my photos — a way that will let you see the composition, content and detail much better than before. 37 more words

Bend 8

Swap the blue with red, and this could look like one of those peppermint candies all the restaurants hand out. Mmmm…. candy.

Zen Bend (Bend 7)

This one feels pretty Zen to me, more so than the previous shots in the series. The fluidity and flow are pure —¬†there is virtually no Photoshop involved here. 14 more words

Bend 6

Little known fact: the working title was¬†Dude, Where’s My Clothes?

Presence 5

The not-a-sequel sequel. All of these images are created to stand on their own. But Presence 5 could (but not necessarily) be the next moment for the character in Presence 4.