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I love a good “Best Of” list, but I hate it when I see all the same shows/movies/books over and over again. For that reason, I am sharing my own list of favorite new shows of 2014 in the hopes you will discover a gem you perhaps missed or didn’t realize was any good. 717 more words



This year, Amazon Studios released a series of pilots in February to their Prime members. I watched a couple of them, but the only one I really remember is Transparent, which is good because in September they released a full ten episode season and have renewed it for a second season due in 2015. 448 more words

Transparent é muito bom

Eu bem que queria ter um ângulo pra falar de Transparent, explorar como a série trata com delicadeza e fidelidade o processo de transição de uma mulher trans na terceira idade, tanto para ela quanto para o resto da sua família. 322 more words


'Transparent' - in Review

For the benefit of those who don’t know, Transparent is a TV series, currently available exclusively on Amazon Prime. The series was created by… 944 more words


The year that was: In 2014, TV transformed the way we think

It’s easy to believe that pop culture has the power to change the world, but it’s rare to witness that change in real time. And yet, this year, that’s what happened. 659 more words


Transparent's Trojan Horse

Transparent is series that passes itself as one thing, while all along it is another. Its hook is Jeffrey Tambor, probably best known as the scheming patriarch from Arrested Development, portraying someone coming out as a transgendered person late in life. 448 more words


TV Binge Report: Transparent

From the first moments of the pilot it was clear that Transparent, Amazon’s new original dramedy series about a father (Jeffrey Tambor) who comes out to his adult children as transgender, was a good show. 1,181 more words