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Review - The Children Act by Ian McEwan

When a court determines any question with respect to  …   the upbringing of a child  …   the child’s welfare shall be the court’s paramount consideration.

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Book Reviews

“Then two she-bears came out from the woods and went tearing to pieces forty-two children.”

(2 Kings 2:24)

Some boys had jeered Elisha, who was Jehovah’s prophet at that time. He “called down evil upon them in the name of Jehovah. 102 more words


Just Pondering Part 796

My dog, Princess, is an interesting character; she would make a very useful member of the Mafia.

Princess doesn’t even bark when the Jehovah’s Witnesses pass around, because she knows that if she barks, I am going to look outside (And, if I do that, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are going to spot me). 129 more words


WT Study: "You Are My Witnesses"

Theme Text: “’You are my witnesses,’ declares Jehovah” – Isa. 43:10”

This is the first of a two-part study intended apparently to reinforce our belief in the divine origin of our name, Jehovah’s Witnesses. 2,569 more words

Watchtower Commentor

A Notable Effort to Research and Produce Good Quality Books....

I found this on a fast growing, fabulous website called JW.org and I thought this article was worth copying here. I appreciate anyone who cares about the durability of books and I guess the bible is the best place to start…… 678 more words

Dead To You and God - Shunning By Jehovah's Witnesses

How Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught to treat the disfellowshipped as if dead by God, but publicly play this down.

Imagine you gave a gift to your grandfather, but wrapped it in such a way it displeased him. 1,420 more words


J. Warner Wallace: 10 important questions for Jehovah's witnesses

So there’s this group of people called Jehovah’s Witnesses that use Christian language to describe a religion that denies key parts of the Christian worldview. Since you may might them knocking on your door to tell you about their worldview, it might be worth it to read… 879 more words