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Okay, I really don’t know how to put this one down so bear with me, okay? 

Yesterday I posted an article on my Google+ account from the website e-watchman.   1,163 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous and Jehovah's Witnesses

For  the  Church  to  refer  people  to  AA  because  “AA has the most effective program” is not much different 
than  sending  the  evangelism  committee  to  the Jehovah’s Witnesses because they have the most effective door-to-door evangelism program. 12 more words

The difference between a Mormon and Jehovah's witness

Jesus: Mormons believe he is the spirit brother of lucifer, and is the literal son of his father who had relations with Mary.

Jesus:  327 more words


Pascals wager against Jehovah's witnesses

Traditionally, Pascals wager (a bet started by mathematician Blaise Pascal) has been used against atheists. However, I think it applies well to Jehovah’s witnesses too. 159 more words


Is Michael the archangel the unique son of God? Responding to Jehovah's witnesses false view of Michael

Jehovah’s witnesses believe Michael the archangel is the same as Jesus Christ. This erroneous view is a serious heresy.

Jehovah’s witnesses believe Michael was the first created being, and second only to Jehovah. 887 more words


Does John 17:3 disprove the Deity of Christ? Responding to a favorite verse of Jehovah's witnesses

John 17:3 is the one verse Jehovah’s witnesses probably have memorized the most. Does this verse disprove the Deity of Jesus Christ? No, it actually refutes the entire system of belief of the Jehovah’s witnesses. 142 more words


There is only one God: Responding to the polytheism of Jehovah's witnesses

Many accuse Trinitarians of being “polytheists” if they understood the Trinity is not three gods but One God who exists as three different persons yet as one at the same time, (like the body soul and spirit of man existing all together at once, yet there is only one person) they wouldn’t make this accusation. 371 more words