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Recipe Repost – Bavarois de Pêche du Mont Phénomène (Peach Bavarian)

Originally posted August 26, 2009

Ah, well, as you can see, the unmolding was a success. I still wish I had some proper gelatin molds, because I think this would have looked better in the shape of a fluted mini-tower. 453 more words


Jell-O, Mid-Century Angst and the Emasculating of the American Male

Innocuous enough image for Jell-O brand Gelatin? This mid-century illustration is fraught with fears and anxieties beset by the average middle-class post-war male who wrestled with juggling traditions and emerging psycho-sexual roles. 118 more words

Vintage Advertising

Virgin Recipe: Marzipan

“I know why we should go to D–’s party,” Bryan announced a few nights ago.

Oh? Why?

“Because you can bring Jell-O.”

And there you have it, a pretty good sketch of our social life. 804 more words


Jell-O, fry sauce and funeral potatoes say "fun"

LEHI – Kids were a jiggling and a jumping, running and a giggling, at Thanksgiving Point’s  first Jiggle Fest. Organizers brought in nearly 400 gallons of Jell-O for the Jell-O fights.  11 more words

Lime Green Jell-O Tomboy Cake

I like the idea of tomboy cakes. The contrasting color of the cake and frosting is visible since only the tops of the layered cakes are frosted. 433 more words


Barbie Jell-O Wrestling

“Do something no one else has ever done before and do it better than anyone ever could.” That quote of mine set the tone for an earlier blog. 915 more words