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Memory Lane: Fromage de Tête (Creamy Blue Cheese Salad)

Originally posted late February/early March 2010

To be honest, when I was plotting the reboot of my Jell-O blog, I decided to do the Memory Lane thing as a way to save myself some work. 381 more words


"There's Always Room For Jell-O."

Jael is my Jell-O queen.  On trips to the grocery store she always has her eye out for a new flavor.  The boys, on the other hand, won’t touch the stuff.   88 more words

Jael Bait

Jell-O: It's (Barely) Alive

Disclaimer: The author of this post works for the company that manufactures Jell-O; he is not involved with the operation of this brand.

In the mid-1990s, Jell-O had the tagline “It’s Alive!” in a memorable series of ads. 335 more words



Jinkies! What’s this? SUNNYDALE RAZORBACKS (from BtVS) JELL-O MOLDS?!

Well… Yes and no.

Okay, officially no; but for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan in all of us, it’s… 180 more words

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Memory Lane: Hand of Glory

Originally posted November 1, 2009

The Hand of Glory is the dried and pickled hand of a man who has been hanged, often specified as being the left (Latin: sinister) hand, or, if the man were hanged for murder, the hand that “did the deed.”

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Recipe Repost: Ginger Peach Dessert

Originally posted October 29, 2009

Ginger Peach Dessert sounds a little fancy, but it’s really just your basic fruited Jell-O. The base is orange, and the cold liquid is ginger ale. 596 more words