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'I stung PM not to punish but to enable' says jellyfish

The jellyfish who yesterday stung David Cameron as he swam off Arrieta beach in Lanzarote has denied intentionally upsetting him.

Evening Harold

Spewing sewage into the ocean is bad: toxic algae and man-sized jellyfish edition

Once a swampy backwater of fewer than 20 million people, the Pearl River Delta—the southern swath of mainland China above Hong Kong—now has three times that population. 581 more words

Surga dunia....

Kebahagiaan….aaah gw rasa semua orang ingin hidupnya bahagia ya kan? betul kan?

tentu saja…gw juga pingin kebahagian dalam hidup gw

Gw punya perntanyaan nih….

Pernah ga ke suatu tempat,dimana tempat tersebut banyak terdapat kebahagian,kesenangan atau bahkan ketertawaan(?)?. 635 more words

Gak Penting!!

Science developmnts in the past week (or so!)

As you are all very well aware, I am a science nerd! I try to keep up with recent developments in the world of science, and I wanted to try a new weekly segment on a Thursday about developments in science! 256 more words


With my oldest son’s 9th birthday shortly around the corner.. (and now the panicked voice inside is screaming, “Wait, if he’s that old, how old are you?!?!) Anyways, ignoring that, with his birthday right around the corner, I thought it was a good time to share a story about why we tease his uncle (my brother who is younger than I) about the jellyfish incident of 2005. 898 more words

The aquarium.

Just wanted to share some photos from the aquarium.

First and foremost, Jon hated all the children.