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Collapsing like a Jenga


That’s the thing about my family. We don ’t solve problems.

We ignore them and wait for time to cover the wound, just like a plaster, that covers the cut, relieving from the bleeding but making it impossible for the wound to actually heal. 252 more words


Jenga Party + Field trip: Fire Department and Taiwan Design Center

The night before our field trip, we had a party in the lobby of Dr. Jih’s hotel. We had a large variety of fruits I had never even seen before and played the most intense game of Jenga. 152 more words

VIDEO: This Cat Plays Jenga Better Than You Do!

This guy must not have a lot of friends if he’s spending his day playing Jenga with his cat!

That notwithstanding, his cat is pretty good at the game! 53 more words


day 194/july 13, 2014

Here you see Christian hard at work being a model for rugs / Jenga / mugs. He’s just an all-around awesome kind of guy.

After an exhausting day of beach, World Cup final (Deutschland wins! 80 more words

Charlie Haden, come back...

Charlie Haden, for those who aren’t jazz fans or musicians, was a bass player.  He died yesterday at the age of seventy six as a result of the onset of post-polio syndrome.  884 more words


The dreaded sickness bug

Last week the twins went to their first festival, a little one in Hazel Grove called Headlands Festival.

They loved the music and playing with their cousins Marcy and Johnny. 371 more words