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Tonight Alive

After landing a song on the new Amazing Spider-man movie soundtrack and opening up for Mayday Parade on their American tour, Tonight Alive is finally taking things into their own hands with the announcement of a world tour. 295 more words

Musicians Cafe

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Random Musings

November 14, 1994 - Monday - 4:00 p.m.

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of when I started writing this journal, My Book of Days.  However, this anniversary came on the day after I visited my old life, my old home, my past. 651 more words

Let (a,b) be a transposition in Sn, and let αϵSn. Prove that α(ab)α^-1 is another transposition

Hint: suppose that α(x)=a, α(y)=b for some x,y ϵ {1,…,n}. Now calculate α(ab)α^-1 applied to x,y, and z where z ϵ {1,…,n} such that α(z) does not equal a or b. 12 more words

November 10, 1994 - Thursday - 7:30 p.m.

The weekend is a day away.

This weekend I will learn many new things about my old friends and how their stories have continued.  I don’t know whether they will be good or bad. 159 more words