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Click (2006)

I’ve seen this once before but it’s been a while and the name Kate Beckinsale was just to inviting so I had to watch it again… Sure, I like… 258 more words


Austenland (2013)

In an attempt, apparently, to give my brain whiplash, I followed up Inside Llewyn Davis with a movie that may be its opposite in every way, and, well, it’s never that enjoyable to watch a movie in which everyone involved is embarrassed. 426 more words

For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration

Cast: Ricky Gervais, Catherine O’Hara, Parker Posey, Harry Shearer, Eugene Levy, Bob Balaban, Jennifer Coolidge, Michael McKean, Fred Willard, John Krasinski, Ari Graynor… 249 more words


MY MOVIE SHELF: American Pie

This is the deal: I own around 350 movies on DVD and Blu-ray (I’ll know for sure how many at the end of this project). Through June 10, 2015, I will be watching and writing about them all, in the order they are arranged on my shelf (i.e., alphabetically, with certain exceptions). 864 more words


Austenland-A Movie Review

Yes, I’m alive and I have very recently watched the 2013 romantic-comedy Austenland based on the book of the same name by Shannon Hale.

At first, I was a little reluctant to watch something that was produced by Stephanie Meyer (hey, I’m never going to forget those Twilight movies) but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by it. 211 more words


"Austenland" aka My Fantasy Land

I first heard about the movie “Austenland” starring an adorable Keri Russell and a flamboyant Jennifer Coolidge from a fashion magazine review.  The pictures presented in the magazine even found a place in my collage on all things chic.   133 more words


Full disclosure: in high school, I shared a locker with a friend who taped a large magazine cutout of Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy to the inside door. 591 more words

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