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Dallas Buyers Club

My first review is on the 2013 biographical film Dallas Buyers Club. Now, I know what you are thinking, this films is already a year old and on DVD, why would a review be relevant? 333 more words

Dallas Buyers Club

Icon Max Mara, Amy Adams 'Kick' Jennifer Garner


BRAND Italiaanse mode, Max Mara, Amy Adams om het nieuwe gezicht te zijn, ter vervanging van Jennifer Garner. Amy Adams zal binnenkort sieren de advertenties voor het modehuis in de nabije toekomst. 220 more words


[Movie] Dallas Buyers Club

Rating: 8/10 (breakdown: 2+3+3, see scoring guideline here)

I first heard of this movie from last year’s Oscars and thought it’d be a good watch, and I was not disappointed. 405 more words


'Alias' nostalgia react: Everything I thought I knew was wrong

Season 1 | Episode 1 | “Truth Be Told” | Aired Sept 9, 2001

OK, it’s time for full disclosure: The nostalgia recap series you are about to read is not written by someone who is actually nostalgic for  548 more words

Icon Max Mara, Amy Adams 'Alles' Jennifer Garner

BRAND italienische Mode, Max Mara, mendapuk Amy Adams, das neue Gesicht und ersetzt Jennifer Garner. Amy Adams wird bald schmücken die Anzeigen für das Modehaus in der nahen Zukunft. 233 more words


“My perfect day is a day where I have a little bit of time with each kid and then we all play together. Where I make dinner where there’s enough left over for another day.

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Quote Of The Day

The Invention of Lying

Truth is what we make it… So we make it satire! In this film, Mark, played by Ricky Gervais, is the only person to discover lying. 512 more words

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