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Saxon Math versus Common Core - A Primer...by Jenny Hatch

Saxon Math is still pure from the Kindergarten math textbooks to the 8th grade textbooks.  Nancy Larson and Stephen Hake, who wrote these books, still hold authors rights over them and they have not allowed them to be changed.   762 more words

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Common Core versus Saxon Math...the facts.

Kudos to my friend Gary for blowing really hard on his whistle on the Utahns against Common Core Facebook Page.

He said:

Thank you… 860 more words

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Whole lotta rage against non vaccinating parents right now...

Every day the past few weeks I have had something show up on my Facebook feed claiming parents who do not allow their children to be injected with the most noxious of childhood shots, the MMR, are the cause of all that is bad in Western Civilization. 872 more words

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Family Freedom With Jenny Hatch

This video is my story:

To purchase my books on Amazon click here to get to my author page. 11 more words

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Book Excerpt: A Lotus Birth by Jenny Hatch

During my fifth child’s pregnancy I wrote a  journal that was published on the web site Birth Love. As the months clicked by and I added entries and shared my innermost thoughts and feelings regarding the realities of my life as an unassisted birther, a friend suggested I compile the journal into a book and publish it as an E Book.   1,235 more words

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Book excerpt: Elijah Birth, How to turn the Hearts of the Fathers

In 1998 I asked the parents at the yahoo group LDS-UC to fill out a survey that would be compiled by me into a book for families who desired to learn childbirth self reliance. 1,215 more words

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