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Korean Pancakes

Me and my Dad made this a long while ago but I have had so many other things to write about recently that I am only just getting round to writing about it! 348 more words


So Kong Dong Tofu House: What Sundubu Jjigae Is, and Why You Need To Try It

So Kong Dong…is not a first date location. It is a great splurge-for-dinner-with-friends sit-down meal kind of location, but I wouldn’t even call it a splurge, because if three people come relatively starving and order two combo meals, they will all leave very full and satisfied, for about $13 each. 707 more words

Atlanta Chapter


 I have been trying to add some new Korean dishes to my repertoire (like the Gamjorim from my previous post) but some days it’s just quicker and easier to make up a lunch from the stashes in my freezer. 56 more words


Fruit and freezer clean up

  I made 2 (!)  lunch boxes this morning, one with fruit to eat during the morning

grapefruit, cherries, raspberries and blueberries


one with savoury food for my lunch… 106 more words