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Common Grammar Mistakes: Word Mix-Ups

On Jeopardy! I often notice how contestants are penalized for mispronouncing the answer. In one such case a contestant said “Barren Sea” instead of Bering… 355 more words


Infinite Nothingness of Trebek's Mustache

“All right. So, how I got on Jeopardy, and how it did not change my life at all.

I think I blame/thank my parents for an obsession with trivia, because when I was a kid they had these Brain Game flashcards, and I sort of grew up on these long skinny decks of cards; they had versions of these for mostly just sort of general questions and general knowledge stuff, starting with kindergarten and all the way up until…the last ones I remember was, ah, must have been seven or eight or so. 1,393 more words


Iggy Azalea Is Now A Jeopardy Question

Many people have a lot of random things on their bucket lists. Most things like skydiving and stuff like that. But for people who have imagination they want to be the answer to a question on Jeopardy.   155 more words



I wonder how many readers of my previous post realized that its title was an old expression dating back over 300 years. According to grammarphobia.com, BY GEORGE dates from a 1694 translation of a comedy by Platus: “By George, you shan’t be a Sowce the better for what’s in it”….but “George” was used in an expression even earlier, as here (from a 1598 Ben Johnson play): “Well! 293 more words


Name That Sitcom

Name that Sitcom

  1. Ted Mosby, Marshall Erickson, Barney Stinson, Lilly Aldrin. How I Met Your Mother
  2. Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, Sophia. Golden Girls
  3. Cliff Clavin, Sam Malone, Norm Peterson, Carla Tortelli.
  4. 77 more words

A Cesspool of Useless Knowledge

Guys, I know things. Lots of things.

Don’t worry, it’s all trivial knowledge. It’s not as if I’ve been spying on people and I’m hoarding all of your deepest, darkest secrets. 380 more words


The place for hookers, cooking — and a game show

Who watches the cable news network (er, you know — CNN) for news anymore? Well, the way Jeff Zucker is evidently thinking… no one.

Earlier today, a report surfaced that… 418 more words