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Alex Trebek overpronouncing foreign words

Best supercut ever! I’m LOL’ing all over the place. That Alex Trebek, he’s so smug, I love/hate it.

Found via The Huffington Post.

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What is... What I Ate Wednesday #5?

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is uncharacteristically exciting for two reasons: I ate a lot of kale yesterday, and I went to a taping of JEOPARDY! 278 more words

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My Kind of Jeopardy: Geriatric


Lately, we’ve been watching Jeopardy almost every night. It’s broadcast every weekday at 7 p.m., but we program the DVR to record it so we don’t have to watch any commercials. 565 more words

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US-Israeli Relationship In Jeopardy, Kerry “Ruined Everything”

Source: ZeroHedge

Is there anyone in the world who is not mocking John Kerry? As AP reports, Obama administration officials were fuming Monday over a torrent of Israeli criticism of Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest bid to secure a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. 169 more words

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Learning Mondays

Mondays are all about learning in internal medicine. Students and interns take time away from our patients on Mondays to listen to doctors and residents drone on about diabetic ketoacidosis, urological (penis) emergencies, congestive heart failure, documenting our patient notes properly, and a whole host of other interesting topics to learn about. 717 more words


Potpourri for $100, Chairman...

We have just a half-hour and lots of answers on the board. Let’s get to it…

“Political Bordellos” for $600…

Answer: An apparently compulsive liar who was exposed in a  539 more words


Innovations in Dental Education: An Online Self-Directed Learning Module for Local Anesthesia

The College of Dental Medicine is committed to the discovery of new methods and techniques that will enhance its curriculum and improve the learning experience for its students. 299 more words

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