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A Day At The Hospital

I went to visit my friend Riri’s dad yesterday who has been in the hospital for a couple of days now. I stayed for about three hours just hanging out with her parents, just keeping them company. 261 more words


Welcome to Jeffardy!


A roar of applause mixed with bright overhead lights greeted senior Jeff Xie as he walked onstage and shook hands with Johnny Gilbert, who had just announced Jeff’s name to the thousands of Jeopardy! 951 more words


Swimming in the Gene Pool? you might want to know this

Here are the jeopardy games for review. Hope you aren’t in too much jeopardy while you do these questions.

Above all, make sure you get everything right. 16 more words

Julia Collins ditched her sweaters but got smarter about wagering for her Jeopardy! return

Julia Collins, better known as “Jeopardy Julia” following her historic win streak on the popular game show earlier this year, is back for Jeopardy’s ‘Tournament of Champions’. 1,087 more words


Jeopardy Added a RAP Category!

Ever wonder what Alex Trebek listens to in the car?
Its NOT rap! lol – Or maybe it is – but he seemed pretty uncomfortable rattling off these rapper names in a recent category on Jeopardy. 60 more words


The Watson Intelligence -- Azuka at Off-Broad Street Theatre

Watson is a name associated with indispensable assistants. Think of Thomas Watson, who heard the first words spoken over a telephone, “Come here, Mr. Watson; I want you,” or of Dr. 2,347 more words

Theater Reviews

The Joy of Jeopardy!

Last summer, I had to take a class on the Biology and Psychology of gender and sexuality. Most times at my university, it is rare to venture outside one’s own department, either academically or socially, but this was a required course, and I was the only film student in the group. 797 more words

Being Colonial