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3TV Presents: Jeremiah Walton

Bleeding For The Moon on Its Fractured Edges:

Let me cut myself
on your fractured edges.

I am okay with bleeding for my moon.

(Ahhh, such a metaphor it makes the poetic community wet. 110 more words



Children nauseous of big city doctrine run off for lost bars that don’t ID

local buses provide passage
to moldy motels,
among pale squares of hairy soap & 258 more words


3TV Presents: Jeremiah Walton

I Am Being Gored

Contrary to popular belief
you will experience multiple true loves.

Ancient Greeks believed the first humans had four eyes,
four arms, four legs, 203 more words


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Epiphanies come in all shapes and sizes. There are the big, fat cranium shattering ones (see. Isaac Newton), and there are those that leave you thinking: “Why didn’t I think of that before?!” Here at Autharium Towers we were recently struck by a moment of clarity that fell heavily from the latter idea tree. 611 more words


Toaster Mouth

My eyes are blindfolded with your bandanna.
The couch cushions a spine sore from smashing skull against Internet poet scream

Something brushes against my cock… 71 more words