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Jeremy Hunt's Little Helper was nicking my leaflets from letterboxes.

In 2005, I stood in the Election against Jeremy Hunt.

I was on a hiding to nothing, but for me it was an experiment to test the theory. 220 more words

Politics As It Should Be

25/07/14 Only 10% of the NHS Budget is Spent on mental health services - a letter to MP's

What can I do to help?
I am, what could be best described as, a mental health campaigner. I am currently walking around the edge of the UK to highlight the experiences of people with a mental health problem, who often feel on the edge. 787 more words

Mental Health

Tory MP believes astrology should be incorporated into medicine

Just noticed this story on the BBC News website and had a bit of a wtf moment. David Tredinnick spoke of his belief in astrology after 20 years of study saying: 148 more words

Princess Alexandra Hospital referred to Health Secretary by Auditors

BBC News article

Audit Commission Press Release

Nineteen NHS trusts have been referred to ministers after auditors raised concerns about their financial health. One of them is The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust in Harlow. 196 more words


Case Study - Cancer 'Red Flags'

The recent attention on Jeremy Hunt’s initiative to make public the GPs and practices who are underperforming with their cancer referrals has attracted much debate on the efficacy/inefficacy and advantages/disadvantages of the idea. 380 more words

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Our dying emergency services

I am still yet to fathom what exactly it is that entices some of my medic friends to want to work in A&E.

 ‘It’s exciting’ they say. 1,437 more words