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The Department of Health PR competition (for March)

So I asked myself, how do you explain the range of public statements that came from the Department of Health last month? Well I pondered this question for a while and I think I might have come up with an answer but first, I’m going to need to build a picture. 1,274 more words

The Passion at the Mount of Olives of L'Agamàs (en/oc)

CHOIR: Solo  – A single baritone voice reads the football results softly – starting mezzo forte and gradually becoming piano to almost inaudible.

Saducees 2  Jerusalem 1… 589 more words

Poetry / Literature

A Day of Two Halves

There isn’t an an End of the Day this evening because I like to stick (where possible) to some of the wisdom and appreciation I’ve learned over the 66 years I’ve been around. 1,217 more words

Jeremy Hunt.

Government promises golf-playing doctors will check their email

The government has today announced that a hundred-squillionty-million people will have 25 hour a day access to GPs, through an initiative to pay doctors overtime for checking their Blackberries. 288 more words


What's in a name?

“Before you go Mrs Jones-just to let you know that I am your named doctor as of 1st April.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m going to look after you-care for you medically and all that. 305 more words

Primary Care

"You are old Father William" the young man said...but with old age comes wisdom, or does it?

Are you like Father William and has your hair become very white and as you age do you think you are any the wiser? Perhaps those pearls of wisdom your parents imparted to you as a child were subconsciously retained so that your children have benefited from your inherited prudence. 556 more words

Old Age