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As scientists say we've hit 'peak beard' we ask - beard or no beard?

Hipster men are facing a beardy backlash as scientists warn they become less attractive to potential partners as facial hair becomes more fashionable, in a doomsday scenario termed ‘peak beard’. 477 more words

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PaxGate Goes to Edinburgh

A few months back, we reported on the loss of Paxman’s beard, that fell to the mighty razor wielded by the hand of evil. However the furore that started with Paxbeard’s appearance on Newsnight is set to rear its hairy head once more, as Paxman takes to Edinburgh Festival for a one-man show. 146 more words

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Daily Quote: Jeremy Paxman has the truth on the GFC

Why are we in this mess, now facing the prospect of economic armageddon? It’s because the prevailing characteristic has been greed, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s individuals living beyond their means or governments living beyond their means or people seeking to get rich quick.

Jeremy Paxman, British Journalist


Your First Week in Opposition

It’s been quite a week this one. A week in which the entire world convened agreeing on world peace and solidarity, assembled an international government modelled on Trotskyist philosophy, only to appoint Justin Bieber as world leader. 663 more words


Who represents Muslims? The answer is a resounding – no one


Originally published for Left Foot Forward on March 25

Who represents, or who speaks for, Muslims? After countless debates and articles dedicated to this question, which is asked every so often (usually on a slow news day), it is posed once again. 457 more words


Does Russell Brand believe he's a superhero?

One would assume that our beloved Russell Brand isn’t hiding any kind of superpower and I find it hard to believe that he has a basement full of high-tech gismos like those of Wayne or Stark, yet I get the impression that Russ is harbouring a deep-set desire to don the costume… I’m no fool, I’m well aware that Brand’s ‘Messiah Complex’ tour isn’t an attempt to establish himself as Christ ‘risen again’ (am I?), but I do feel as if the more I watch his cleverly named “trews” and read about his growing crusade for social revolution, the more I fear for humanity. 643 more words

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