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Kei Miller Maps His Way to Zion...

Kei Miller was born in Jamaica in 1978. Kei writes across a range of genres: novels, books of short stories, essays and poetry. His poetry has been shortlisted for awards such as the Jonathan Llewelyn Ryhs Prize, the Dylan Thomas Prize and the Scottish Book of the Year. 2,621 more words


Views from an audience

This is a great day! Today I got confronted with John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) having a go at Russell Brand. I grew up in the age of Rotten, so the few times he speaks out, I will definitely listen. 1,547 more words


Napoleon the Great?

A recent debate between Adam Zamoyski and Andrew Roberts recently aired the idea that Napoleon should be both considered and named, Great. 1,028 more words


The Beginning

Journalism is an artistic means of informing the majority. A way of connecting people. A way to create social change.

The likes of Hunter S Thompson, Jeremy Paxman and other journalists all over the globe share an aim to provide the world with the truth and offer up opinions which may otherwise be unheard. 269 more words

On Evan Davis & Jeremy Paxman

I’ve never been as enthralled by Jeremy Paxman as much as others. In the however-many years where he was the dominant face of Newsnight, and dominant force in the boxing ring that political interviews used to be, I’ve always found his condescension and scepticism more vain than enlightening. 257 more words

Dannie Abse.

Jeremy Paxman, Dannie Abse, Helen Mort, Forward Poetry Prize jurors 2014. © David Secombe 2014.

Perspectives – five paragraphs for Frank O’Hara by Dannie Abse: 249 more words

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