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Don't make me laugh at old people, but old age and ageists: about them YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS, says PC

Smug and condescending and/or revered and masterly (depending on your point of view) 64-year-old Jeremy Paxman, recently retired presenter of the BBC’s flagship political programme… 1,417 more words

My Jeremy Paxman Review


Hi All,

Last Friday, Eddie and I went to see Jeremy Paxman perform his Edinburgh Fringe Festival set. Given that interrogation is usually brought about… 1,420 more words

Comedy & Theatre

Book Festival: Jeremy Paxman.

World War One was the event that made modern Britain, Jeremy Paxman claims. If you have a pressing appointment, that’s the gist of what his hour talk, he jokes at the beginning, so you can leave now. 104 more words


Fringe Benefits No.1

The Edinburgh Fringe is HUGE. 3193 show at 299 venues. One man to ensemble piece. Music through theatre cabaret to radio plays being recorded and performance art up to dance and burlesque. 1,562 more words


What's truth got to do got to do with it? University Challenge and Ancient History

Doing a history PhD is pointless – according to (both of) my city-banker-friends. All I’m doing is accumulating knowledge with no real world application, they say, as they use their iPhone 5 and somebody else’s money to trade imaginary bits of paper with randomly assigned values. 1,057 more words


Newsnight: Paxman & Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens and Jeremy Paxman, though at different ends of the political spectrum, are two of my modern-day journalistic heroes. Besides their political differences, both of them are incredibly well-read, supremely witty and, above all, fiercely intelligent. 132 more words

Ben Stupples

'YES' Voters and their Campaign of Hate

I’ve only just come across this article published in The Herald in June this year about comments made by veteran BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman in which he talks about the hate that’s being stirred up by a section of Scottish ‘Yes’ voters against the English, and for which he was severely criticised. 92 more words