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To vote, or not to vote...

If you don’t vote, then you’re not entitled to have a say on the running of your country, which includes everything from whether we drop bombs on people across the other side of the world to how many times we get our bins collected each week. 789 more words


Quiz: Who said it - Myleene Klass, or Jeremy Paxman?

Myleene Klass hit the headlines this week after challenging Ed Miliband over Labour’s proposed mansion tax.

The brief televised spat on ITV’s The Agenda led many commentators to note that she’d ‘done a Paxman’ on the leader of the opposition. 98 more words


Portrait of a Working Class Revolutionary



by Russell Brand

Ballantine Books (2014)

Book Review

Russell Brand introduces his new book Revolution as an answer to a question Jeremy Paxman asked him in the interview that went viral on YouTube. 603 more words

Attacks On The Working Class

"This is the age of the narcissist. It's a time when anyone's opinion is worth as much as an expert"

Yes, that our Paxo (Jeremy Paxman). His departure has left a huge void in my life. Newsnight just isn’t the same without his withering looks and moody contempt for those lowly politicians. 161 more words

Certo Enterprises

Grill the graduate - Abby Whittall - Masters English Student

We’re all used to being asked the same questions. ‘What do you do?’ ‘What are your interests?’ Or if you’re applying for jobs, as many of us currently are, ‘Why do you want this role?’, ‘What are your skills?’ This is all well and good but sometimes it’s a bit more interesting to shake things up. 1,188 more words

The Graduate

Grill the graduate - Hannah Ladds - Masters Film Student

For us recent grads, it is a strange time. Whatever we’re up to – it’s new, it’s weird, and it’s different. Whilst the natural instinct may be to curl up into the foetal position hedgehog-style or weep over our slogan-adorned uni hoodies, I am determined for us all to talk about it. 1,105 more words

The Graduate

Grill the graduate - Ellie Trounce - Student at Access to Medicine

Regardless of which university we attended or whether we’re currently working, continuing study, travelling, job hunting, enjoying or enduring life, the class of 2014 have one crucial thing in common; we’re all recent graduates. 1,245 more words

The Graduate