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On the Recent Question Time

On the Recent Question Time

            This was written (almost) immediately on the tail of watching a clip from the recent Question Time, the one that featured Russell Brand and Nigel Farage, inveighing in their particular way on the subject of immigration. 622 more words


Rembrandt: The Late Works

Rembrandt: The Late Works – National Gallery Exhibition

In keeping with the Rembrandt theme throughout the National Gallery’s Exhibition of this remarkable artist, here is a video of Jeremy Paxman on Rembrandt.

Cindy Williams Art

BBC Newsnight – WHY comments are disabled for this video??

“Calls are growing for high sugar drinks to be taxed in the same way as cigarettes to curb rising obesity. Does the drinks industry’s resistance echo that of the tobacco industry denial in the 1960s? 665 more words

Revelation Of The Week

Ever wondered why attendances at our churches are so low? Me neither but I had always assumed that it was down to the growing trend towards ungodliness. 244 more words


Jeremy Paxman has been urged to run for London mayor

For a quarter of a century, Jeremy Paxman was the reason the highest echelons of British politics would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. 217 more words


To vote, or not to vote...

If you don’t vote, then you’re not entitled to have a say on the running of your country, which includes everything from whether we drop bombs on people across the other side of the world to how many times we get our bins collected each week. 789 more words


Quiz: Who said it - Myleene Klass, or Jeremy Paxman?

Myleene Klass hit the headlines this week after challenging Ed Miliband over Labour’s proposed mansion tax.

The brief televised spat on ITV’s The Agenda led many commentators to note that she’d ‘done a Paxman’ on the leader of the opposition. 98 more words