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The New Reality

By Peter Arnott

Raymond Williams, the Welsh critic whose lectures I was once privileged to attend (free) as a student  in England, wrote in Culture and Society (1958) these words I have tattooed on my heart: 883 more words


In a broadside that will resonate with so many, why today's elderly are being treated as Old Age Pariahs

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First they came for the unemployed, then they came for the disabled and now it seem they (the tories) are after the pensioners. 1,805 more words

pursuit of hirsute

The husband was incredulous.

“I just can’t believe you would ask any man to do that, let alone a virtual stranger,” mine own sweet Samson spluttered. 531 more words

Week 55: Country Pursuits

Had you sidled up to me to impart the information, possibly in a whisper, that spending a morning trying to shoot little saucers made of clay out of the sky would be such fun, I just might have looked askance at you. 844 more words

Talking Statues: No baby babble, just a chat with a cat

These days, I spend most of my time getting back-chat from a pre-schooler, so I welcomed the idea of London statues having their say, in a brand new live art project known as… 826 more words


Don't make me laugh at old people, but old age and ageists: about them YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS, says PC

Smug and condescending and/or revered and masterly (depending on your point of view) 64-year-old Jeremy Paxman, recently retired presenter of the BBC’s flagship political programme… 1,419 more words