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'YES' Voters and their Campaign of Hate

I’ve only just come across this article published in The Herald in June this year about comments made by veteran BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman in which he talks about the hate that’s being stirred up by a section of Scottish ‘Yes’ voters against the English, and for which he was severely criticised. 92 more words

Why Read Poetry? Paxman, The Public & Fear of Uncertainty

Poetry came into the spotlight recently when Jeremy Paxman, chair and judge of the Forward Prize 2014 – one of the most prestigious poetry awards in the UK – suggested that… 931 more words


Remembering WW1: Jeremy Paxman on the outbreak of war

‘Nothing would ever be the same in their lives and nothing was ever the same in the life of the country.’ 100 years to the day, … 595 more words


Branding Russell an “International Relations Expert”

The lofty self-aggrandizing multimillionaire anarchist has decided to use Fox News as a vehicle to make clear his views on the Israel Palestine conflict.

The comedian turned film star of such classics as Arthur, Get Him to the Greek and Despicable Me has spoken openly about his drug addiction and has used his celebrity status pro bono to raise awareness and address the House of Commons. 336 more words


Vive La Différence

La Différence is domesticity. 

Bed linen:  Before I left England I checked to see if John Lewis would deliver to France… no.  I’ve looked at sheets in Ikea and they didn’t do flat sheets or have the multitude of colours that JLP have.   207 more words

Jeremy Paxman vs Richard Nixon: the alternative reality that never was (S&R Honors)

In an alternative universe Jeremy Paxman, not David Frost, interviewed Richard Nixon in 1977.

David Frost became an extremely successful comedian. His tours with Monty Python are celebrated to this day. 549 more words

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Tuesday, 8th July 2014

Thinking about Jeremy Paxman’s recent comments on poetry, it occurs to me that they’re as apposite when applied to that other great art form, social media marketing, whose self-confessed grail is, borrowing Paxman’s phrase, ‘to engage with ordinary people’: 63 more words