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Kerry's Elphaba

So as Kerry Ellis began her final week at the Apollo Victoria, I made my third and final attempt at seeing her play Elphaba (admittedly my first ‘attempt’ was simply the first time I saw the show during her original stint in green and I was slightly less bothered by her absence at the time, but you get the idea). 1,633 more words


Greenslade — Jeremy Taylor in 1655

Greenslade, B. D. “Jeremy Taylor in 1655.” Notes and Queries 196 (1951): 130.

17th Century

Cummings — Wisdom and Wasteland

Cummings, Owen F. “Wisdom and Wasteland: Jeremy Taylor in His Prose and Preaching Today.” Worship 76.5 (2002): 471–73.

17th Century

Emma Hatton Is Wicked

It’s actually not been that long since I last saw Wicked, having been in for Louise Dearman shortly before she left last(?) year and doubtlessly I’ll be seeing it again relatively soon, given that Kerry was off tonight… Sigh. 1,455 more words


Georgas — Little Nell and the Art of Holy Dying

Georgas, Marilyn. “Little Nell and the Art of Holy Dying: Dickens and Jeremy Taylor.” Dickens Studies Annual 20 (1991): 35–56.

17th Century

People who influenced John Wesley

Franics Asburyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Asbury – Northwest Nazarene University Wesley Center – http://wesley.nnu.edu/other-theologians/francis-asbury/ – American Methodist leader

Peter Boehlerhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_B%C3%B6hler – Moravian leader who counseled Wesley… 255 more words