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Podcast Animal Geeks - 40th Episode Celebration

https://askanimalgeeks.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/40th-final-version-18122014-7-57-am.mp3 Our 40th episode,  we have a look back at the last 15 months and 40 episodes of Animal Geeks. We have a talk about our favourite episodes and animal sightings.   29 more words


a show that doesn't have to fish for compliments

I have a completely irrational and exaggerated fear of all fish, even little harmless ones. I think it all started when I was a small kid and my mom tried to take a sunfish off of my hook. 348 more words

How do you find a box set you both like?

This week I’ve been on one. Car insurance, gas and electric tariff, SKY TV, broadband, blah blah blah. They all needed renewing. Total pain in the arse. 442 more words