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For You, The Living, This Mash Was Meant Too

It’s a fanged water-serpent thing and it’s pretty pissed off: pink, swollen gills ruffling under the warm currents of water and animosity. A fish with a dense, trout-like body and two eyes sticking out in three directions floats nearby. 1,123 more words


The expedition to the Natural History Museum - Part 1

Taking a trip to the Natural History Museum in London is always a daunting trip for myself. Having to weave one self through endless mazes of traffic and people on the busy streets of London and then to actually make it to the Museum is a hefty expedition, particularly if you get lost quite a lot, but of course a great and fulfilling experience, one that I would recommend to everyone. 343 more words

10 More Terrifying Killer Fish

This shocking list is the sequel to the popular list 10 Terrifying Killer Fish. While that list explored the lesser known terrors of the deep including man-eating European Catfish and Giant Gars, this new list takes the fear factor to an entirely new level with even stranger and more terrifying killers. 1,407 more words


10 Terrifying Killer Fish

Ever since the movie Jaws, sharks have been well-rooted in the public consciousness – with images of mangled swimmers abounding in our thoughts. But sharks aside, there are also several kinds of horrific killer fish that prowl the Earth’s freshwater and estuarine habitats. 1,174 more words