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Jungle Terminator

I have started a blog about television during a time that is usually off-season for most shows, except for one of my favorites! RIVER MONSTERS.  238 more words


El pez que causa terremotos.


Lago Biwa, Japón.

Los hechos

Hay una leyenda en Japón donde se dice que dentro de la mitología japonesa hay un pez gigante llamado… 596 more words


River Monsters

River Monsters is one of my favorite TV shows to watch. I think i’ve seen most of the episodes and i could watch the over and over. 60 more words


Not An Angler...Yet

I “landed” in Pennsylvania about a month and a half ago, and its been constant snow and winter until about a week or so ago. And with the weather starting to warm up a few things started to happen: I wore my sandals for the first time since leaving Texas, the ground is getting muddy from all the feet of snowmelt, and I got my first fishing lesson last week. 491 more words


Top 3 Reasons Why I Love the Show 'River Monsters'

1 –  The dramatizations. Seriously, worse than Rescue 911 from back in the 90′s, but better in some strange and unknown way.

  • Lots of splashing of water usually gets the hint across that there is massive injury and death happening.
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If I remember this episode correctly, the Congo river is, in places, over 700 feet deep.  While I can swim quite well, after watching this episode, all I could think of was “Nope, not going there, not now, not ever.”  Then I saw this graphic today on FaceBook and decided to share it :) 10 more words