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Taxidermist Haul – Nature Cleaning Progress

About 2 weeks ago, I was forced to pick up the carcasses I had processing out at my Mom’s. They’d been there a little over a month. 111 more words

Vulture Cuture

I don't like Wednesdays or Thursdays

They’re hard on this diet! These two days are, what I feel, the most restrictive part of the diet plan.

I think I explained this diet before, but, to recap: 354 more words

Weight Loss

PS I Forgot.....

I forgot to tell all of the dog lovers out there that I learned a new trick this week…. You can slice hotdogs lengthwise and put them in your dehydrator. 54 more words


It had to be you, lovable you

Overheard at the supermarket this afternoon:  nothing says “love” like a hairy heart-shaped box filled with beef jerky.

That is all.

That Is All

VLOG Spicy Jerky & Ultra Death Round 2

Some friends of mine got me some more hot jerky to try from our local jerky outlet. Not that I was afraid to tackle these two packs alone, it is just more fun when you have people to try it with you.


Time to Start Thinking About Christmas Gifts

This year, I’m going for a (mostly) handmade Christmas. I’m doing a quilt and some soft blocks for my new grandson (I mean really, does a five month old NEED a bunch of toys?), a quilt for my daughter and son-in-law (they already know about it, so I’m not spoiling the surprise), and some other stuff that folks DON’T know about. 513 more words