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Duck Jerky is Ono (delicious)

With the holidays fast approaching, and the sun shining hot and bright here in Hawaii, we were doomed to our Christmas clean up.  Why we need to smell like flowers instead of fish compost is beyond me, but we will leave that for my special column “angry little dog rants.” We are happy to have started this pet foodie blog just in time for bath time, why?   133 more words


Do You Like JERKY?

Like making extra money?

Would you spend at least $28.00 each month on 4 bags of jerky delivered to your door each month, if it also included the potential to possibly earn you about $5000 per month, with no additional purchases or selling required? 14 more words

Beef Jerky

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

As promised, here is the longer version of my about.com post on making beef jerky at home. Why make jerky? I like making jerky because I can buy beef in bulk, buy the good stuff, and choose my favourite flavours and still make it cheaper than the store-bought jerky – plus it doesn’t have any of those mystery ingredients in it. 1,254 more words


Oberto All Natural Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky 25 Ounce Options

Poultry is not only healthier and better in nutritional benefits, it’s flavor and softness is a perfect meat snack for anyone watching their fat. With the new Calorie counting America is on, this… 345 more words

Dehydrator Moose Jerky

I started this blog about midway through a batch of moose jerky. So I’ll fill in the back story a bit and go through the process as I can. 201 more words


The babbling botanist featured on about.com!

Exciting news folks – a new post by the babbling botanist is on about.com! This past week I was asked by Sean Timberlake, the food preservation expert at about.com, to write a guest post for the site. 88 more words


Salmon jerky sandwich

For lunch yesterday, I had this tasty, gorgeous sandwich. It’s wheat bread, salmon jerky, roasted onions and peppers and fat free mozzarella cheese. I saw smoked salmon jerky on sale at HEB and I decided to try it out for the first time. 15 more words