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One of the most frequently invoked descriptions of the essence of hell is that it is separation from God.  It is the eternal misery that inevitably results when a person made in the image of God is cut off the very source of joy, the eternal fountain of truth, beauty and goodness. 836 more words

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I wanted to share this as a part of the series on paradox in Christian thought. Well done, Dr. Walls.

Christians defining faith

It has become a hallmark of modern atheism that it often attempts to redefine ‘faith’ to mean something Christians simply do not mean by the term. 1,370 more words


A reply to Philochristos regarding theistic determinism

“Even though we stress ever so strongly that God’s authority is finally at issue, the idea of a rigid causality arises. But this may not be.

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Can you tell Jesus' story without Satan?

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, who produced last year’s smash-hit miniseries The Bible, are recycling the portions of that miniseries to create a theatrically released film about Jesus called  739 more words