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Prophecy Watch: The Third Temple

I don’t want you to miss this. From what I’ve seen none of the major news outlets are covering this story. A few smaller news sites & blogs are, but it’s not enough to get out there in the mainstream just yet. 767 more words


Take me

Take me to where the streets are old,
Let me touch the walls – stone by stone…
Take me to where the brave men were known… 133 more words


"TTISTF1" Testing, Testing, is this thing on...?

Ok, so after a week or two of all this rather intense back and forth with a number of people about the whole issue of Israel, I figured I’d try and “wrap it up” with a little audio message (actually, it’s not what you could call “little”) but just to basically try and summarize all the points being brought up in all of it, and hopefully be able to move on somewhat from it all, as I certainly don’t want to “define myself” or even this little blog here as just being all about harping on this matter of the Israeli government being connected to the broader New World Order and over-arching anti-Christ system…

End Times

Week 3: Crazy Times of War and Weddings

   Another crazy week trying to keep everything going.

Signs supporting Golani soldiers are appearing

and Israeli flags are flying, with more out every day.

Israel is under threat. 258 more words


Politics and Religion Should Mix

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim). I hear this, we pray it, it’s written on my Tallit. It is even commanded for us to do, is it not? 797 more words


Christians and Tisha B'Av

…Should I weep in the fifth month , separating myself, as I have done these so many years?

-Zechariah 7:3

In the fifth month, on the seventh day of the month …came Nebuzaradan … and he burnt the house of the L-RD…

2,227 more words

The Church Jeru-salem

In Revelation 21:2, John speaks of seeing the New Jeru-salem, that holy city prepared as a bride for her husband come down from God out of heaven. 356 more words