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The Aramaic Lord's Prayer

I am listening to the Way of Mastery – deepenings at the One Who Wakes-website – and have lately sensed a huge resistance to BE with God, and especially the Aramaic version of Our Father. 279 more words

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Jeshua Speaks About: After Gaul...Britannia ~ Judith Oates @ Oakbridge University

Jeshua Speaks About:

After Gaul…Britannia

Beloved one, I have been relating how I remember my life two thousand years ago. We spoke of after the resurrection and moving across the sea in one of Joseph of Arimathea’s sailing ships and how we were blown off course for the adventure of it. 2,735 more words


"Soulmate or Stalemate?" ~ A Saint Germain & Jeshua Channeling by Alexandra & Dan @ Joy and Clarity

“Soulmate or Stalemate?” A Saint-Germain and Jeshua Channeling

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It’s reproduced here with our client’s permission.
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John the Baptist Joining Us on BBS Radio 'The Messenger' Tonight, Sat. June 28th

Whether we’re religious or not, channeled messages are most enlightening about not only the past, but our present and future.

Non-physical beings have a unique perspective, of course, as to what transpired in their previous lives, and what they see on our timeline from their current vantage point. 399 more words

Channeled Messages

Christian Porn Music!

Hah got your attention didn’t I? Right of the bat I gotta be honest with you, the tittle is slightly misleading, but if you were expecting to be offended I’m pretty sure you will be so stick around why dontcha. 1,241 more words