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Several Horror Videos to Chill To from Allahweh :)

The first of several horror games I decided to stream here recently is another entry into the Life After Us little indie series called Life After Us: The System… 459 more words


Something else you didn't know...

Jess here-

Another thing you guys didn’t know about me is that I am an amateur photographer! I love photography but still have A LOT to learn. 45 more words

In The Lives Of Jess & Steph...

"Super Mega Man 3" Playthrough!

When you think about Mega Man fan-games, there are plenty out there. One could almost say they are a dime-a-dozen these days. The fact is, there are some great fan-game engines for this particular series, and since they became so readily available, lots of people have taken a stab at making a decent 8-bit styled fan-game. 179 more words


"Illusion of Gaia" Retro Play - The Nazca Flying Gardens?

It’s no secret that the world from Illusion of Gaia is a strange variation of Earth, yet this latest video adventure takes us out to the Nazca lines, oddly enough on the same continent as the city of Freejia, where we are whisked away to a strange, garden-like area floating high above the world. 72 more words


The Skin You're In

The summer is sadly winding down and my boys and I are getting our “lasts” into these couple of weeks before school starts. Don’t get me wrong, we are all super stoked for the start of school but we’ve got things to do! 817 more words

Did we just become best friends? ...yup!

Steph here again!

Wanted to tell you more about mine and Jess’ friendship. Well, my side of the story anyways… I met Jess my freshman year of high school, which I walked into not knowing anyone because it was a completely different school district than the one I grew up in. 282 more words

In The Lives Of Jess & Steph...

Swan V Goose

Who would win in a fight, a swan or a goose?

We should first begin by agreeing that birds are evil and not to be trusted. 566 more words