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The Time for Action on Diversity Has Come

Last week, in a highly choreographed, tightly organized presentation, Apple rolled out the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. With the spotlights on and a global audience, Apple paraded a lineup of six white men to present its new products. 532 more words

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New Essay for The Daily Beast: The Unsung Heroism of Jesse Jackson

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of enjoying a two hour conversation with a hero of mine, Jesse Jackson.

I told Jackson that the work he did, along with Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, and others, not only freed black people in the United States from a brutal system of apartheid, oppression, and exploitation (work that continues), but also saved me – a white man born in 1985 – from inheriting the role of occupier, oppressor, and executioner. 113 more words

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White Kid murdered by Black Muslim; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & Eric Holder are nowhere to be found - Act of Jihad in America being IGNORED by mainstream media

19-year-old Brendan Tevlin was murdered in June by a Muslim man, Ali Muhammad Brown, who actually admitted to the killing and told police he did it to exact revenge on America for its policies in the Middle East: 333 more words


Malcolm X once stated in one of his speeches, “There Can Be No Unity With Other Races Until There Is Complete Black Unity.” Each time Black People try to establish anything in this world, there is always those special little white people whom always want to join the Black Organization for whatever reason. 279 more words

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If I Could Speak With Janay

She went back for more, didn’t she? Must not have been all that bad.

You can bet your bottom dollar I wouldn’t have stayed.

Ain’t no way on God’s green Earth I would have gone back to that monster. 1,250 more words

Racism Alive And Well In The Democrat Stronghold Of New York City -- Or Not?

Two New York women were arrested Monday after allegedly forcing the dwellers of a Brooklyn apartment to flee their home at gunpoint. The attack was apparently racially motivated, as police claim one woman said she was tired of white people moving into her neighborhood. 

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Edoms Thorn on White Genocide: Guest Post

Wanting to preserve our White Nations is RACIST!

There is a cure for wanting that, It is called WHITE GENOCIDE!

EDOMITE JEWESS “Barbara Lerner Spectre” in Sweden, Admits their promotion of Multiculturalism in EUROPE will cause Antisemitism…

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