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I'll take a JMAC & cheese please, why your inner 18 year old never dies

Okay I know I’m a grown ass woman. But I was in my car and randomly came across the Jesse McCartney, Departure cd. I know it sounds pathetic but when I listened to that cd, like seven years ago I was heavy in the Pablo situation and I can’t deny that his song “Leavin” helped me leave Pablo. 241 more words

Dating Diaries

Mixtape Monday - September 22, 2014 "Scared Straight 2014 Edition"

Remember that show, Scared Straight? The one where they took inner-city and/or just plain stupid ‘tough’ teens out of the relatively safe confines of their high school and dropped them in with the vicious killers and gangbangers of some random prison? 779 more words

[MUSIC] Muzak Attack

Jesse McCartney Concert!

Just last Tuesday I got to go to my first Concert. It was at the House of Blues in Dallas and I got to go to support my cousin from Boise, Idaho because he was one of the back up dancers. 148 more words


Young & Hungry Finale

All I can say for the finale is that it left me wanting more. There has been a shipping war between Josh and Gabi or Cooper and Gabi. 239 more words


JM's at it again. Woo me.

This reminds me of Michael Jackson – energetic, light-hearted R&B.  Wait for the chorus.

Also, does Jesse McCartney not age?!   You can basically distinguish era’s of your life based on the do. 10 more words