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4 best moments from the 'Grey's Anatomy' midseason premiere

Season 11 | Episode 9 | “Where Do We Go From Here?” | Aired Jan 29, 2015

Well. Grey’s Anatomy left us with a lot of big questions that were sure to bring all of its fans to #GreysTears. 640 more words

'Grey's Anatomy': Jackson Finally Tells April About Their Baby's Fate

Sadly, JacksonĀ is forced to tell April the upsetting news he overheard about their baby on the latest episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Fair warning: it’s a tear jerker. 1,442 more words

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Jesse Williams Debunks Myth of Un-Militant MLK

Actor Jesse Williams took to Twitter today to debunk the facile reading of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy. The politics of the iconic Civil Rights leader have been tempered over time, but a closer look at MLK words and actions reveal an activist with more radical, less palatable ideas about how social justice would come about. 930 more words


The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Fast-paced, gory, and with a razor-sharp sense of humor, “The Cabin in the Woods” borrows elements from older horror films and twists them around, making them its own. 340 more words

{Events} 'Freedom Riders' Helen and Bob Singleton To Be Honored

The “Freedom Riders”, Helen and Bob Singleton, who were one of many in the Civil Rights Movement, who put their lives on the line in the fight against racial discrimination in America with peaceful protests. 53 more words


Jessie Williams on American History

Jesse Williams speaks on how the American school system does not teach the full story of American history to its students. It gives “bullets points,” he says, of “white heroes who had their boot on your (people of color) neck.” He goes on to explain how difficult and frustrating it is to move forward in society when you were never properly taught who you are and how your people have contributed to America’s foundation. 27 more words