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INTERSTELLAR - New trailer

Here’s the third and what appears to be the main trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. It instantly reminded me of 2001 and Contact and made me watch both films again. Out on November 7.


Nuevo trailer de "Intersetllar", lo nuevo de Christopher Nolan

Poco a poco van llegando trailers de lo nuevo del cineasta Christopher Nolan, Interstellar, que llegará a la gran pantalla el próximo 7 de Noviembre. 20 more words


New Interstellar Trailer is Epic In Its Awesomeness

“Why the hyperbole,” you ask? Because, it requires superlatives, but all of the others have already been used. At last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, the star of… 348 more words

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Reviews of the past: 'Take Shelter'

Roger Thomas has written movie reviews for The Stanly News & Press and other outlets for years, long before starting this blog. So we decided it would be good to give readers a sample of his previous work, in addition to posts of reviews of current films. 628 more words

The New Interstellar Trailer Is Jaw Dropping...

The trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Interstellar from San Diego Comic Con has finally been released for everyone. It’s not officially on Youtube yet but it is on the website… 394 more words

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Movie Trailer: Interstellar

You can watch the Interstellar trailer here on Paramount’s interactive site.  Be sure to plug  in the code 7201969 to access the trailer.  The trailer is definitely worth the watch, and or those who don’t recognize it, the code is the date of the first moon landing.   28 more words


Interstellar Comic Con Trailer Online But Only If You Know Where...

To see the newest trailer for Interstellar, you need to head to the movie’s official website, www.interstellarmovie.com and enter “7201969” (the date of the moon landing) into the prompt screen to gain access to the latest and greatest, so far, of the looks at Nolan’s secretive picture. Interstellar hits theaters in November.