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Jon Stewart is still really confused by religion

Jon Stewart is Jewish, but as has been thoroughly documented on this blog, that doesn’t mean he knows too much about the religion into which he was reluctantly born. 151 more words


Why I Saw 'Interstellar' Twice

In recent years, I’ve gotten into the unfortunate habit of seeing some films more than once in theaters. I say unfortunate because often it’s not only against my wishes, but also these films are overwhelmingly mediocre–in 2013, due to the Christmas holidays and later release dates in France, I had to suffer through  407 more words


Interstellar Review

By: Mark Di Stefano
Rating: 10 out of 10

Outer space is a place where only a handful of people actually go. For the rest of us, there’s the movies. 519 more words

Mark's Reviews

Belated thoughts and a reflection on Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

Interstellar is an incredibly divisive film, with it’s events taking many by surprise, pleasing some and enraging others. Critics have turned on Christopher Nolan a little, he isn’t the untouchable god he once was. 462 more words


I haven’t seen plain old Interstellar yet. But I did attend Interstellar: The Imax Experience, which is likely a different animal than the non-Imax version. 1,098 more words

Joint Review: Interstellar and Under the Skin

There are two science fiction movies out in Cineville right now, and these films could hardly be more different. Under the Skin is a small, quiet film that is obviously geared toward the arthouse crowd. 1,311 more words