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Smart Mad Men Recap: S3E2, “A Day's Work”

SPOILER ALERT: It’s Valentine’s Day on Mad Men.

“Just tell the truth,” Sally tells Don. And then, miraculously, he does.

A lot can happen in a day’s work, and a lot does in “A Day’s Work,” the second installment of the penultimate season of Mad Men. 973 more words

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Fashion Friday :: that time of year again!

Mad Men time that is.  Starting with Megan (Jessica Paré) as often is the case.

Except I’m sad because I could swear I’ve seen a dress like this on ModCloth before and I can’t find it anymore, so I’m having to go less literally than I’d like. 110 more words

'Mad Men' star Jessica Paré finds drama in her family tree

TORONTO — If Canadian actress Jessica Paré needed inspiration to play the sultry, independent Megan Draper on the TV series Mad Men, she only had to look at her family tree. 203 more words


Man Men Season 7: Notes and predictions on the beginning of the end

‘Time Zones’ is the title of the monumental first episode that marks the first stretch of the final season of one of the greatest shows ever: Mad Men.  441 more words

'Mad Men': Don Draper está de vuelta

Ayer se estrenó la séptima y última temporada de “Mad Men” y el capítulo estuvo lleno de sorpresas y de viajes entre Nueva York y Los Ángeles, ya que como vimos en la última temporada varios se fueron a la costa oeste para manejar el negocio de Sterling Cooper & Partners. 340 more words


TV Review: 'Mad Men' Season 7 premier 'Time Zones'

Season 7, Episode 1: “Time Zones” | Original air date: April 13, 2014

“Mad Men” enters its seventh and final season with its characters very much on the edge of collapse. 602 more words

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7 Must-Watch Movies For Serious Mad Men Fans

Tonight marks the debut of Mad Men‘s final season on AMC (check local listings).  Lakeshore Records takes a look at the cast’s other acting appearances.   246 more words