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Bible Verse Of The Day- "Draw Close To God"

So often our priorities can say one thing but our commitments say something different. We say our time with family is important, but how much time do we actually spend connecting with each other?


Bible Verse Of The Day- "No Worries With God"

From the very moment we wake up thoughts begin to fill our mind and they form the attitude and altitude of our day. We have the opportunity and responsibility to choose the direction of our thoughts.


Putting Others First

Some monks of Scetis came one day to visit Amma Sarah. She offered them a small basket of fruit. They left the good fruit and ate the bad.

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Bible Verse Of The Day- "We live Through Him"

God’s love, grace and forgiveness towards us is something that is hard to wrap our minds around. Sometimes our past begins to haunt us and we feel there is no way that God can forgive us.


Bible Verse Of The Day- "God Loved Us That Much"

Do you ever feel discouraged or defeated as you try to live the Christian life?

Sometimes we just do not feel capable to live the life that God has called us to through his word.


Turn to God and be saved

Isaiah 45:22: “Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.

At the end of the age, some will go to eternal damnation while others will go to eternal life, some will be saved and others will not be saved. 1,079 more words



We left the story of Jesus of Nazareth last Friday. He had been executed in the most painful and degrading way possible. His closest followers were disperse and in hiding. 1,230 more words