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Bible Verse Of The Day- "Delete The Negative Thoughts"

In life, there will always be people telling you what cannot be done, speaking negative things. Too often we latch on to those negative words and develop what the scripture calls a “stronghold.” 160 more words



Christ is always shining in our hearts and all around
Mammon keeps our eyes blurred at times
Grace clears that vision so His Light can shine through. 117 more words


Bible Verse Of The Day- "The Ultimate Chef"

Ever been so hungry that you felt you had to eat right now? Your hunger was growing, but the food had not fully cooked yet. But instead of eating a snack to calm down the hunger, you decided to wait for the food to be ready. 136 more words


Carissimi: Today’s Mass; Pope S. Zephyrinus, Martyr

Pope S. Zephyrinus, Martyr: Missa “Statuit ei Dominus”

The pontificate of this first third-century pope was to see a storm of heresy rage around the pontiff, who had to keep a firm hand on the tiller of Peter’s bark. 1,603 more words



1Thessalonians 5:16: Rejoice always.

Joy is a quality of the spirit.  It is beyond what is happening on the outside but what is going on in the inside in the work of the Spirit. 1,122 more words


Today’s Word With Joel &Victoria Osteen – Your Original Software


“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what… 262 more words


Bible Verse Of The Day- "A Free Gift, No Cost"

I want you to examine your life as we begin a new work week. Are there things in your life that you are complaining about, that if you examine clearly does not seem all that important? 182 more words