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Pray for those whom are Persecuted for Christ, for God hears your prayers

I ask of those whom read this, that they must please pray now for those whom are being persecuted for their love of Jesus Christ.  So many around the world are being terrorized, killed, tortured and chased our of their homes, churches are being burnt and men’s hearts have truly gone cold and hard against those whom are Christian.  73 more words

july 27

“I look to you, I see the scars upon your hands.
And hold the truth, that when I can’t you always can.
I’m standing here, beneath the shadow of the cross. 149 more words


Losing the Race

I hate numbers. Really though, if remedial math was an option, I’d be all in, but it doesn’t count for anything but a whole semester of pre-torture, preparing for the real torture that counts for a grade. 652 more words


I don't understand why people go to Comic-Con

Have you heard of Comic-Con? I love lots of the shows and films that the event celebrates but I would never dream of going. What motivates 130,000+ people to attend?  669 more words


Understanding True Size....

Understanding True Size…

We are blessed with good eyesight. We can see both near and far objects clearly. Unlike animals we are blessed with colour vision and a better lens than any advanced camera. 3,292 more words