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What Jesus Did After The Resurrection

Last week I shared what Jesus did after he died on the cross.  He went down for a few days in his spiritual body, then he came back up to meet his physical body in the tomb. 606 more words


april 23

Parents, if you’re like me, you can certainly relate to this verse in 3 John 1:4:

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth!” 123 more words


That's a wrap!

In sales you never leave thing up in the air.

It is very important that you are next step centered. That means when you are wrapping things up with your prospect always close with a firm time to call back. 79 more words


A Work in Progress: Woman of God

You know something I have noticed? I am not wife material quite yet. One of my dear friends, who is like the older sister I always wanted, told me to read Proverbs 31, for “that is the kind of woman and wife we should be like.” Our “role model”. 1,083 more words


april 22

I don’t know about you, but the word “freedom” gets me excited! It’s so easy to get bound up and chained by the idols of this world. 180 more words


Do You Love Me More Than These? John 21:1-19

He came and taught us,

He called me by a new name,

Called me a rock,

Said He would build His church on me—

On my faith— 728 more words


If it is not me then it must be "you".

When handling objections and your getting beat up. Don’t stay on the ropes but “turn it around.”

I have noticed that even if something is a great purchase for the prospect (nothing in life is perfect) if the prospect focuses on the negitives long enough they are not going to buy. 235 more words