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Grateful for Blessings

Dear Jesus,

I know I have been ungrateful and angry and resentful for the past two years. I pass by the women’s domestic violence shelter everyday on the bus, and I feel so sad that all the hopes I had for starting a new prosperous life have failed. 198 more words


The Council - part 2

Now Jesus spoke. “Will you help us, David?”

David paused, still trying to take it in. “You want me to help bring light to the middle east?” 1,186 more words


My New E-Book Is Out

Hello everyone. I haven’t been posting much lately because I have been trying to write TWO books simultaneously. I am pleased to announce that the E-Book is done and is available on Amazon.com. 637 more words

My Child, My Love (continued)

How often does it pain you

To see the one you love

Loving someone else?


How many tears have you cried

Knowing that your love… 73 more words


august 19

Often, when we approach the subject of dissatisfaction, the continual seeking of more, More, MORE, we think about material things. But, of course, this greed can manifest itself in our relationships as well. 179 more words


august 18

Thank God that He is our refuge. As humans, we tend to run away from any sign of trouble. We waste energy thinking of ways to prevent problems, to thwart disaster. 60 more words


Who does Jesus value most, the community leader or the outcast? Mark 5.21-43

Imagine you arrive in a town and a community leader asks you to help them. Consider how important you would feel as you traveled with them? 900 more words