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Trail--Tom Mix--Spoon

Anyone heard of Trail Mix? Sure you have!

Anyone heard of Tom Mix? No? Well, he was a movie cowboy. He pre-dated, and paved the way for, John Wayne. 130 more words


You try to make them
See things the way you do
But they don’t want to hear
They refuse to listen to
Your point of view… 61 more words


False Reality

You are striving for perfection
So when you hear you have a flaw
Your pride wont let you believe it
You are too afraid to trust… 66 more words


The Sunday School Answer Is Still the Right Answer

Have you heard that joke?

One Sunday a Sunday School teacher asked her class, “What is small, has a bushy tale, climbs trees, and eats nuts?” 389 more words



This is a continuation of the lwws given by God to Moses to give to the children of Israel.

If a man steals an ox or sheep, he shall give five oxen for each ox and four sheep per sheep. 439 more words

Jesus Christ

Parents And Children

Do we hate children? Is that why there is so many abortions? Is that why we feed them and water them, but we allow the school system, the media, or their peers to raise them and train them? 256 more words

God's Testing

For everyone will be salted with fire. Salt is good, but if the salt has lost its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? … 697 more words

Jesus Christ