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i’m tired — exhausted — strung out on rage
i wish i could think clearly
i’m sick — abused — toxic — the trash in a spider’s web… 439 more words


He got you!

Never doubt God because of how the situation may be. God is always using teaching mechanisms in the natural world to bring us where he wants us to be. 33 more words


Serving Sister.

Meet Whitney Parkins. She has a crazy awesome testimony. God freed her from addiction and now she has surrendered her life to serving His Kingdom. She has been called to missionary work in Mexico & Costa Rica, on and off for the last year spreading the good news about Jesus. 370 more words

Jesus Freak

You are a child of God

There is something so powerful and true about the word of God! He can take away all your worries, tears, concerns, and anything else. He got your back!!! 19 more words


Hunger for God's word and thirst for his presence

Feast on all of the wonderful grace that Jesus has provided for you. Your struggle could be so much worse than how it is now. Everybody has a struggle, you just might have it a little longer than everybody else. 35 more words


Recharging Yourself for a New Semester

This week is going by so slowwww! Haha jk I know, it’s only Monday. EXACTLY.

But I’m super excited for all that God has planned for me this semester. 487 more words


Reason 43...

I love my job. Coming back to work after the holidays has been tough. Between Hosting groups and hosting a roommate and my regular jobs, I’ve been exhausted trying to find a balance. 190 more words

Jesus Freak