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Jesus Freak

I believe in Jesus Christ.
I will forever praise His name.
I just can’t imagine my life without Him.
I am a Jesus freak.

Kimalee Jones


Christus resurrexit!

Christus resurrexit!
Christ is risen!
Христос воскрес!
Kristus är uppstånden!
Kristus er oppstanden!
Kristur er upprisinn!
Christus is opgestaan!
¡Cristo ha resucitado!
Cristo ressuscitou!
Christ est ressuscité! 24 more words

Jesus Freak

My One Defense

44.  That is the number of days that I have been on this restrictive gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free fiasco of a diet.  We’ve (me and Tob) been detoxified and cleansed.   1,168 more words

Blooming In Idaho

When all seems hopeless and you feel like a freak

“That’s a lofty dream.” My Grandmother nearly whispered it, almost hesitant, I think somewhat saddened by what she’d say next. “Just remember. You’re only one person and it’s hard to change the world.” 636 more words


On Being a Seminarian: Christian Identity and "Evangelical" Labels...

My church experience hasn’t revolved much around any one denomination. In high school I was part of a Baptist church, but I didn’t call myself a Baptist. 537 more words


Jesus Freak robs same convenience store twice in one day

When a woman walked into a 7-Eleven in Washington on Sunday, she wasn’t just looking to spread the word about Jesus. According to Edgewood police, Enjoli Norde robbed the convenience store of cash and then came back for cigarettes and beer.

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Excited doesn't even touch these things

In the sleepy south we have allot of ways to usher you into churchdom.. Receiving Jesus is often an art form worthy of special recognition, and the altar is the hallowed place where that happens. 1,399 more words

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