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Praise till you are full.

I want this blog to be an honest place where I can encourage others in this walk on earth.

So I promise to always be real with you.. 655 more words

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My Anchor. Who is driving your ship?

Sometimes God makes us sit still and just know He is God.

He can use sickness for rest. He never intended us to live with sickness. 904 more words

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Survival Steps: For the modern Christian living in a broken world.

These are all pretty basic biblical principles. So whether you have been a Christian for years or you’re just a babe or you don’t even know Jesus but you want to know what the heck someone’s doing to be so content in the craziness, this blogs for you! 1,490 more words

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What if you die today?

I want to live like I am dying. I want to live like the end of the world is tomorrow.

It sounds so cliché, but I am serious. 858 more words

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Have faith.


Are you in a storm?

A storm that feels like a flash flood, the water is pouring down hard and you feel like you are drowning. 451 more words

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Hope In Pain

Sometimes life feels brutal. On a daily basis we deal with addiction, depression, suicide, sickness, abortion, divorce, death.

People around us go through so much pain. 590 more words

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What is your name?

Part of my training to become a counselor includes me receiving counseling from another intern.

It has been an amazing experience for my soul and spirit to get cleaned out by the leading of the Lord Jesus Christ. 526 more words

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