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Stardust & Chalk

I sit amongst the chalk and the dirt
Mud caked onto my feet and rooted under my toenails
My ears are filled with the pitchy voices… 298 more words


You Should Really Watch This Astonishing 'Last Week Tonight' Segment On Gay Rights In Uganda

If you’re still not watching John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on HBO, it’s time to change that. Dude is just knocking it out of the park every Sunday night, illuminating social injustices expertly with penetrating wit and an acid tongue. 116 more words


Justin Bieber Is On The Road To Becoming A Holy Roller/Jesus Freak

When we last checked in on Canada’s worst export, Justin Bieber was dropping N-bombs all over the place. Now this week he’s well on the road to becoming your Aunt Pat, the one who’s always asking if you’ve accepted Jesus Christ into your heart as your lord and savior whenever you’re forced to see her during the holidays. 126 more words

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