Life is tough, be tougher!

People who are survivors live through things that many of us would cringe at, accidents, war injuries, PTSD, cancer and chemotherapy, the list could go on and on. 708 more words

God's Love For Us

If There is No God

What if there is no God? I have tossed this question around in my mind hundreds and thousands of times. The idea of a supernatural, all powerful, ever-present being who created the universe…..well, that just seems silly. 1,351 more words

Knowing your Worth in Christ Jesus

A man taught me to value myself now more than I ever have. A man taught me to never settle of less than what I deserve. 826 more words

Miracles of Jesus - Changing Water into Wine

John 2:1-11Amplified Bible (AMP)

2 On the third day there was a wedding at Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.

2 Jesus also was invited with His disciples to the wedding. 474 more words



Have you heard from the Word of God lately? Many people don’t want to hear someone preaching from the Word because it is God’s Truth. Some don’t think that it is true or that it is God’s Word, they think that the Bible is just a book of stuff, stories made up by some bunch of old guys which tell a little about historical figures and some of them are good stories but that is it, nothing more. 523 more words

God's Love For Us

Unwrapping God's Gifts of Love

Dear Jesus,

Sometimes a gloom overtakes my mind,
And each day becomes a trudging,
Not a joyous day to be alive.

You give me each day… 277 more words

No matter what happens....

God is always by your side and He knows where you are, in whatever situation that you might find yourself. He is our Creator and protector and our Rock, all that we have to do is allow Him into our lives, daily, and He can show us what we have in Him and who we are in His eyes. 335 more words