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Alberta Atheism Theism Miracles Deity and Jesus' Pre-existence History Part two

Christian scriptures state that Jesus is deity and had a pre-existence before he came to earth.

In the last blog, secular history sources showed that Jesus was a real person who lived on our earth some 2000 years ago for about 33 years. 687 more words

The Four Flavors of Jesus

People use Jesus in a myriad of ways.

Even invoking the name is used for a variety of different reasons. Think about it. Right now across the world there is a strong probability that someone is invoking Jesus of Nazareth as a guilt trip, an aspiration, a humbling element, a curse word, and/or a tool to help surf an orgasm for another half-second. 1,063 more words


Let Your Light Shine

Mark 4: 21-25

At the onset of my seminary instruction, I wasn’t accustomed to leading musical portions of liturgy during worship. I’ve never been a musician and to this day I do not read music or play any sort of instrument. 424 more words


Jesus was a Migrant

Sometimes the best way we can work for peace is to be a witness to another person’s journey. With Jesus was a Migrant, readers have an opportunity to bear witness, as author… 402 more words

Book Review

Not a Cloned Savior

While researching some history yesterday on my most recent blog, I came upon an interesting publication titled, World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors.  This is an 1875 publication written by Kersey Graves.   1,585 more words




From the Word: (Acts 1:8;6:8–7:60).

The Greek word marturoi which is translated “witnesses” in Acts 1:8, is a legal term that was used in the courtrooms of that day. 730 more words

The Garden Gone Silent - Transformed by Experience

    This past week I’ve spent as much time as possible drawing and photographing the day lilies as they’ve come and gone in the garden. Trying to get as many different views, angles, shapes, gestures and colors as I can before they finish blooming. 856 more words

Christ-Self Series