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Big Hole found in Naturalism

Naturalism has been a burden to Christians for over two thousand years now. We can end this burden if we are equipped the right knowledge we can put an end to it.


How to See

I happened to reading Mark chapter 10, out of the Bible, this morning. It almost looks like a patchwork of stories scampering together to make it too the next chapter, but there is definitely a pattern in this patchwork. 1,161 more words


Indifference Of World Towards Christ

In the splendid D’Orsai Museum, in Paris France, one of the top ten ranked Museums in the world, hangs an unusual painting of Christ. In a rectangular frame, the painting measures seven feet in length and two feet in width and rests on the wall at eye level.  453 more words


Why Love works.

I listened to this song a few times this morning and it reminded me of a couple of key facts that set the Christian hope above all others. 320 more words

Life In General

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The resurrection of Jesus has been denied by those espousing atheism since he died 2000 years ago.

One of the main reasons for denying the resurrection is the belief that there is no God. 648 more words

Aiming For A Goal In Life

Some years ago, while working with the Eskimos in Western Alaska, I lived in the town of Bethel. The word, “Bethel”, is found in the Scripture of the Old Testament, being a village in ancient Palestine.  247 more words


Walking through Genesis- Chapter 22

Chapter 22 is one of the most perplexing and yet beautiful passages of Scripture in Genesis, and perhaps the entire Hebrew Bible. It is the test of Abraham, where God sees if Abraham really believed God. 223 more words