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Jesus in Nazareth - Announcing the End of the Exile

After his baptism and temptation, Jesus returns to his hometown of Nazareth where he attends a synagogue service. He is asked to read a portion of scripture from Isaiah 61. 629 more words


Really Recommended Posts 9/26/14- Jesus Seminar, atheists and kids, and creationism!

First, I gotta brag: I have a son! He was born 9/17 and he’s just the cutest darling ever. Yay! I’ve been greatly blessed.

Now, I have still put together some awesome posts for your persual, dear readers! 276 more words


Prayer and Study of Torah

Daily Prayers were accompanied by the reciting of the Shema. While the Qumran community prayed three times a day, most Jews appear to have prayed twice a day.  451 more words


The Cutural Context of the Gospels: The Temple

E. P. Sanders once said “Judaism was more a way of life than a doctrinal system” (Judaism: Practice and Belief, 3). Sanders describes practical details of daily Jewish life as well as the fundamental teachings of Judaism most the Jews of the first century were in agreement. 527 more words


What About the "Actions of Jesus"?

What would historical Jesus studies look like if we started with the things Jesus did first, rather than the words of Jesus? Frequently Historical Jesus studies begin with the words rather than the activities of Jesus. 457 more words


The Words of Jesus and Skepticism

One of the commonly cited reasons for suspending judgment on the words of Jesus is that studies seeking to authenticate the words of Jesus tend to be concerned only with methods for authenticating the words and less interested in what is actually said in the Gospels. 390 more words



The Coming Radical Reformation: Twenty-One Theses

by the late Robert W. Funk, founder – leader of the Jesus Seminar. (published in 1998)


1. The God of the metaphysical age is dead. 1,487 more words