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Glitter, Hope & The Art Of Giving

I’m sitting here looking at a blank Word document, tapping my pink glitter fingernails on the granite counter, lost in thought. Thanksgiving is next week, and the realization hits me like a caffeine headache – slowly and then all at once; I literally can’t believe it’s the end of November. 509 more words


Grace and Holiness

Some people abuse grace. They equate God’s grace with divine tolerance, inaction, and even weakness. Others think that emphasis on grace encourages people to sin. They think that the abundance of grace means they can sin without fear, for God will always forgive. 455 more words


Preparing the Bride

As the wedding day gets closer…

…Bride-to-be is doing everything she possibly can to ready herself–and everyone/thing connected to her big day!

  • Hair/Body/Nails/Teeth
  • Dress/Shoes/Accessories/Makeup
  • Location/Guests/Reception/Food/Music…
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God Speaks

Doing thanks

Thank you. Two simple words that can bring on a smile and nourish a soul.

We use them to acknowledge the person who opens the door for us. 343 more words


Singleness and Lust..

Hey guys!!  I hope everyone is doing well while preparing for the holidays because the holidays are most definitely here!! :)  Thanksgiving is Thursday and I have family coming in town, so I am excited!  

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Costa Blues : Day 5

|| day #5 || #33costablues |

it’s early and the sun is interrupting the sky’s deep blue slumber with ribbons of gold. it’s already warm, which gets me excited for those gold beams to heat up the pacific for summer play. 297 more words