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Handling Halloween

Yes, as a child I was one of those kids who went to church, celebrated Halloween, and sometimes celebrated it at church. As I got older my mom no longer took me to church and I began to care nothing for Halloween. 499 more words


A former atheist is speaking out about his new faith in Christ

British author Scott Coren says the birth of his daughter, born with life-threatening problems, led him to God instead of hardening his heart.

Coren tells OneNewsNow that he and his daughter spent months in pediatric intensive care, where he was at the mercy of the doctors. 114 more words



My friends, I implore you to pray for this nation. What little you see here is only a small fraction of the state of Rajasthan in the country of India. 403 more words


Jesus and Purity (Part 1: Hand Washing)

In Mark 7:1-5 the Pharisees question Jesus over his lack of attention to the tradition of “hand washing” before meals. Jesus’ disciples do not wash their hands before a meal in order to avoid ritual purity, presumably the question directed at Jesus implies he was not requiring his disciples to follow a “tradition of the elders” (v. 546 more words



Según El libro de Urantia todos los seres humanos son una familia, hijos e hijas de un solo Dios, el Padre Universal. El libro nos describe la génesis, historia, y destino de la humanidad y nuestra relación con Dios, y expone una visión única e insuperable de la vida de Jesús. 219 more words


31 Days with the Savior: Arise

Gentle Reader,

“Little girl, I say to you, arise.” – Mark 5:41b (NKJV)

Wherever He goes, Jesus brings life. He breathes it into our very souls.

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