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JET Programme 2015 Application: Pre-Application Advice

The application period for the 2015 cycle of aspiring JETs has yet to be opened and will open later on this fall, so I thought now would be a good time to give you some pointers on the process, for those who are even slightly imagining the thought of applying. 1,089 more words


Night at the Aquarium

Tokyo, naturally, is full of exciting things to do. I’m a little bit glad I don’t live there, though, because I’d never have any money. There’s just so much going on. 227 more words


8 Things I Now Know About Teaching In Japan

For the last 2 days, me and 9 other JETs have been on an English camp for a local school in the Ibaraki prefecture. English camp is a fairly common occurrence in Japan…not all schools do them…but basically it involves a class of students (in my case roughly 40) taking a bus out to a conference center and then having students partake in various written and verbal English activities… the camp I was on was 2 days all up and we stayed over night in the hotel upstairs. 518 more words

JET Programme

Resources on Volunteering in Japan

Foreign Volunteers in Japan

I’ve been doing some research on how to get involved in the Japanese community. I’m incredibly excited to come across some great resources on how to serve in the local community as well as that abroad (particularly in South East Asia). 124 more words

Let the Adventures Begin!

Whoever Thought that the Flight to Japan Would Be an Adventure in Itself?

On an early Saturday morning, with dusk just approaching the horizon, I stumbled my way to get myself ready in a zombie-like state. 1,035 more words

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"I live here now."

I keep having to remind myself that I live in Japan.  This is the country I’ve wanted to visit more than any other since I was about 12, and the thought of actually living here still hasn’t really sunk in!  867 more words




Again, time has been long stretched since my last thoughtful post.  (But unless you’re my mom, you probably didn’t notice, haha. Gracias, chola).  As much as it’s in my nature to keep moving, whenever I come back to the countryside I wonder why I ever left. 1,279 more words