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The JET Programme Application Process - A Mental Marathon

So the JET Programme Application process is one of the longest, most harrowing job application processes I’ve ever been through. It’s not the application itself, or even the interview itself, but the waiting game that is played after that can really play games with your mind. 921 more words


Introductory Post

I’ve been told that a successful first post to a blog tells the reader all about you. By the end of the post they should know what kind of person you are and what you’re about. 420 more words


The Pre-Japan To Do List


-         Complete orientation in Calgary; get in touch with predecessor; buy お土産, or customary souvenirs and gifts from home for the people I will meet; and other miscellanea with JET… 185 more words


The Elephant in the Room

My friendship with Emily is founded on deep similarities – in tastes, and values, and goals – but it was a superficial difference that struck me first. 514 more words

First Impressions


A lot of foreigners worry about the Japanese tradition of omiyage. I remember before coming to Japan, I encountered many posts on the JET Programme forums asking what to bring for omiyage, what is acceptable, and how important it really is.  661 more words

Links For April 10th

Surprise! I bet you thought you’d seen the last of these. Or maybe you hadn’t even noticed they were gone for hte last two weeks. Either way,the links are back. 390 more words


Start of a New (School) Year

After yet another two days of ceremonies, the new school year in Japan has officially started!

The 14 new teaching staff at my school started work on April 1, but the 2nensei and 3nensei students (last year’s 1nensei and 2nensei) didn’t officially meet them until Monday at the welcome ceremony. 506 more words