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Book Needs Title

A couple of times before I’ve mentioned a book I’ve been working on dubbed ‘Jetta’. More recently, though, I decided to restart the book (again) but instead of focusing on Jetta I’ve been giving attention to another character, Dlane. 166 more words

The finger of doom.

Today is a day for bitching and complaining.

First on my list is parking.

My new morning Starbucks is a busy one, at least double the amount of morning traffic from the one in downtown Manhattan. 606 more words

Jettanother CC

VW calls it the New Midsize Coupe Concept but really it’s ready for production. Think of it as Jetta CC, a smaller CC closer in size to the Mercedes CLA. 118 more words


New VW Coupe sketches

In other VW new, it’s been announced that they’ll show a Midsize Coupe at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. It’ll eventually become something along the lines of a Jetta CC, a sort of smaller Passat CC based on the Jetta. 33 more words


Take It Easy - Jetta

Not only does she have the coolest hair and is beautiful, she has an amazing voice!

VW Jetta tamamen yenilendi

Makyajlanan otomobilin yüzünde ilk etapta çok kayda değer bir farklılık gözükmemekle birlikte LED gündüz farlarına yer verilen 2015 Jetta’da çift-xenon farlar ise opsiyonel olarak sunuluyor. Arka bölümde ise revize edilmiş bagaj kapağı… 16 more words