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معرض حمد الفارس السنوي للمجوهرات بالشويخ

حمد الفارس للمجوهرات ارسل لنا دعوة لحضور افتتاح معرضه السنوي

معرض حمد الفارس السنوي

في محلهم بالشويخ

في المعرض مسوين خصومات ٥٥٪ عالمجوهرات

ومنزلين اطقم جديدة

المعرض مستمر الى تاريخ ٢٦ ابريل

معرضهم في الشويخ

من الاطقم الجديدة

كل الشكر  عالدعوة الفارس وسنيار



Charm Bracelets Part 5 - Tiffany

My husband gave me a Tiffany bracelet last year and every time he goes to New York he gets me a charm. I have always wanted something from Tiffany and the charms and bracelets in sterling silver are the most inexpensive. 110 more words


Behind the Scenes Pride Magazine May Issue

Styled a shoot for Pride magazine out in May.#beindthescenes#stylist#editorial#fashion#designer#model#nevsmodels#clothing#clothes#sexy#womenswear

Triple Byzantine Weave Chain - Tutorial

Well, I’ve been getting me chainmaille on….

I have to admit that working with chainmaille is relaxing, and a new challenge.  It’s even lured me from my knitting needles for a bit… 57 more words



Even a piece as classic and stylish as the Pearl can benefit from a pick me up. A little nip tuck to remind us all why the spotlight on them should never be dimmed.   248 more words


"Always Mine" Pyrite Necklace

Stunning titanium coated pyrite nugget necklace on gun metal grey ball link chain. The necklace measures 41cm in length.


Semi Precious Stones

Lapis-lazuli & Rice Pearls Neck Chain

Namaste Friend!

How do you do? We are back from our native after a very long vacation. It is like a dream that my brother-in-law’s wedding took place and I have a sweet co-sister-in-law now:) Feeling proud after voting, by the way, Loksabha election is taking place in India. 45 more words