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The Magic Touch of Glass Beads Wholesale

Glass beads are beads that have been made from glass and are occasionally used as accessories and in the manufacture of jewelry beads. They have over time become a craze to many people due to their crystal-clear nature and interested persons in the field of fashion and jewelry have demanded more of it compared to other beads in the fashion industry. 454 more words

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Jewelry Beads for Jewelry Making

Jewelry beads are unique form of beads that are used in the making of jewelry and other stylish wearable. The demand of these beads in today’s contemporary world has prompted the setting of numerous online stores experienced in jewelry and bead business. 477 more words

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Summer Style: Beaded Wedges

I love this creation so much. It adds bright beads to a basic wedge and makes the dull shoe so vivid while walking. I’m Gonna try this! 63 more words

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Charming Jewelries Created by Colorful Beads

Jewelry beads gains its popularity in jewelry fashion. Various beads are emerging in the stores both online and in realistic life. They help a lot to those who delicate to homemade crafts, especially homemade jewelry. 81 more words

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Sequins, all that shimmer!

Sequins are a kind of plastic beads, mainly used for decorative purposes. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. We often see that sequins are stitched on flat fabrics like clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories. 40 more words

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How to Go Innovative with Your Jewelry Beads

Bored of conventional metal jewelry? Here come jewelry beads to give you a plethora of styles, colors and designs. It is an infinite world in the fashion and style subject. 495 more words

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Where to Purchase Beads Wholesale From

There are plenty of places where jewelry enthusiasts can purchase supplies to cater to their jewelry making craze. But as much as there are plenty of locations to purchase such items from, there is a great amount of confusion regarding which store to select. 465 more words

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