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I don’t know if I can get much more pleased at the  moment (well, okay, finding out that I had won the lottery might do it)! 172 more words

Jewelry-making Tutorials

BEAUTIFUL SILVER WRAPPED PENDANT TUTORIAL from domestic-divaonline.com blog

While I was at domestic-divaonline.com, I took a look around and found this lovely fresh creative free wire-wrap tutorial for a bead pendant.  Can’t you just see more ways that you could do this?   39 more words

Jewelry-making Tutorials

BEAUTIFUL PEARL PENDANT TUTORIAL from domestic-divaonline.com blog

Finding this beautiful pearl pendant tutorial  from domestic-divaonline.com was tricky. Allfreejewelrymaking.com listed it as “pinned” on Pinterest. The Pinterest pin didn’t link to the blog, and I could not find the original mention on allfreejewelrymaking either.   47 more words

Jewelry-making Tutorials

EASY DANGLE EARCUFFS from michinla.com blog

These  simple-to-make earcuffs from michlinla.com are definitely probably the easiest earcuffs you can make. The cuff part is really simple, but you can elaborate on it, and you can also just make some outrageous dangles for it.

Jewelry-making Tutorials

CLOTHES-PIN SPRING PENDANTS from michlinla.com blog

These clothespin spring pendants are a really cute idea from michlinla.com. Well, since I have never hung laundry to dry, I would have to find out where you buy clothespins, but I suppose that can be done relatively easy.

Jewelry-making Tutorials


It seems I have been on a little bit of a chainmaille kick lately.  So-0-o…  I have found this free collection of chain maille ideas… 39 more words