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Jewish Eating Obesity

Many have asked me questions like -
How did you get so fat? (That blunt)
What do Jewish people like to eat?
What was your family life like? 14 more words


Book launch for 'When Saira met Sarah' Oct 2014!

Last night was the book launch at 3Minute Theatre in Manchester, for a project started a year ago that brought Muslim and Jewish women together through writing. 103 more words

Faith Matters

We asked some of our fellow city dwellers to give us a glimpse into their faith. What we realised is that everyone is a little different but everyone is still the same.

The Shabbat Project for the Gentiles

As the sun dips below the horizon on October 24, an estimated one million people worldwide will be participating in this extraordinary initiative.

Paula Abdul and The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik have joined Nobel Prize laureates, international sports stars, a US vice-presidential candidate and Jews of every nationality, ethnicity and level of observance who, in less than a week, will be uniting in 340 cities across the globe for what might just be the most extraordinary Shabbat in Jewish history…

2,443 more words

Judy Berlfein on Aspects of Family

I’ve seen Judy in yoga class once a week for a few years. She always requests neck and shoulder stretches because of how much time she works at a computer. 1,354 more words

Yogi Interview

It's a Small City After All

How small?

Well, fresh off of a date, let me tell you how freakin’ small.

I decided to give JSwipe a try — it’s like JDate and Tinder had a baby dating app and all of our Jewish mothers got together to fund it’s childhood. 139 more words

Kiddush Hashem at 35,000 feet

Just a quick post about something amazing that happened today at work, as I posted earlier I am now wearing a kippah at work, today started the 2nd trip that I’ve been wearing it. 162 more words