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Jewish and Arab relations; Marriage and Hate For Christ.

As Arabs make up 20% of the Jewish population. Most of the Arabs being Muslim. It is saddening to see even marriage between man and woman is an issue in this world. 475 more words


"Playing with Matches" Book Review

Playing with Matches is written by Suri Rosen, published by ECW Press, September 2014, 248 pages

In Playing with Matches I expected to find a typical YA novel. 392 more words

Book Reviews

The Righteous Persecution of the Eternal Jew

Everything the Jews do to the other peoples is negative. They definitely deserve to be persecuted. They deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth. 662 more words

Did Moshe Kantor fund his way to European Jewish Congress Presidency: The 4th Art Forum

I’ve had the suspicion for quite some time that Moshe Kantor became president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) through electoral fraud- buying votes.  I suspect that Kantor not so coincidentally created the European Jewish Fund (EJF) in 2006, only a year before his election, with the aim of funding various projects of European community leaders in return for the electoral support of their communities. 238 more words

What else would make this situation worse?


An Open Letter of Appreciation to the Christian Community

My dear friends,

From time to time I refer to the words of my mother, a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor from Holland who compares what is happening today to 1938 Europe.   734 more words