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Angel vs. Devil Matzah recipes

Hi guys,

Only 1 more day of passover to go… why not celebrate with two matzah recipes… one recipe is the devil… the other is the angel. 154 more words


From The End To The Beginning - Jesus Is Risen!

Today is the most important day in Christianity! Easter represents the day that Jesus rose from the grave with ALL power in His hands. According to… 445 more words

Day 110: Shalom Easter

Where, I wondered, would be a good place to avoid Easter crowds today? 

The answer? A Hasidic Jewish neighborhood.

So off I went, to Borough Park, Brooklyn, which allegedly has the highest concentration of Orthodox Jews outside of Israel, according to several Internet sources (I’m not testifying to this fact).  616 more words

Am I Brave Enough?

Each time I watch a movie or read a book about the Holocaust, the same nagging questions plague me: would I have allowed my neighbors, my friends, people I did business with, to be led to slaughter without fighting for them? 724 more words


Paschal Flame

My story is already woven into the fabric of the Jewish people. It has been since before I was born. I’ve only just stumbled upon the tapestry now and can only see threads at a time, shimmering and elusive. 226 more words



“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.”

–Moshe Dayan

It’s Passover, so I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom. The freedom to speak. The freedom to think. 318 more words


Happy Easter: Jewish Passover & The Last Blood Moons

Jewish celebrations are times of fun and enjoyment for Gods historical people. But is there more to the modern celebrations? Is there meaning in the dates and times of this Jewish ceremony? 716 more words