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Why Is Jezebel Stigmatizing Pro-Choice Discussions?

Big news in the celebrity “news” world today.  Rapper Ludacris has won full custody of his daughter.  I’ll admit to being a bit surprised in the light of the disadvantages men have long had in family court. 181 more words

Jezebel: Something's wrong with new moms who don't have post-partum depression

Feminists hate happy mothers (trigger warning: repetitious F-word plus TMI):Proper response to newborn: I’m depressed and I feel like hell

In a post called “

351 more words

Adult Entertainment Expo à la Jezebel - Less Stimulating Than Expected

As decided in class, I’ve started looking over Jezebel, a ‘women’s interest’-centric website that boasts a variety of articles meant largely, from what I have seen so far, for entertainment purposes only. 331 more words

The Trial of Ryder Ripps: An Embattled Artist on Haters, Angry Muses, and Threats

Earlier this week, I was standing in the middle of Postmasters Gallery with the artist Ryder Ripps, who was showing me on his iPhone an anonymous threat made against him. 1,834 more words

Miss Informed: When Tight Becomes Too Tight: A Helpful Primer on Vaginismus

The link to the full article that I wrote and submitted to Jezebel is here, but I am also going to post the piece below. 1,656 more words

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Reads of the Week: Fetishisation

Take a look at this week’s Reads of the Week: Great articles about the LGBTQ community, feminism, women and anything else worth reading.

“I don’t believe that any single fantasy is innately wrong, but my little departure into those boys’ private lives was indicative of a dangerous pattern of thought. 105 more words

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