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a little crazy?

July 2014

I generally dislike the word “crazy.”  I don’t like how disparaging and dismissive it comes off.  I know it’s become one of those words, like “sick” or “bad” or “dude,” that means fourteen different things depending on your tone, word placement and angle of your hat. 226 more words

Once Upon a Time

…there was a woman. She was decent, loving, thoughtful- kind. She fell in love with a preacher man. He was decent, loving, and kind too. He sang on the church platform and even taught Sunday school. 688 more words

Don't be a Jezebel

It’s a phrase I heard all too often as a teenager/young adult. It consumed much of our lessons, small groups, girls outings, and gossip. We made it a point to stay away from girls who were them, and did our best not to become them. 1,347 more words

We Finally Found A White Cat-Caller

Today, Jezebel ran a story about a woman that’s going around with a camera confronting catcallers; explaining to them why it’s inappropriate to comment on a woman’s appearance in public and shaming them for doing so. 551 more words

Obscure Bible Characters: Naboth

A sermon based on 1 Kings 21

Grace and peace be to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

What do you want your obituary to say about you? 2,474 more words


In defence of millennials

Dear Shelagh 

I recently read this article which fills me with terror and also makes me angry. I am one of these “millennials” and I work for a company where I sometimes have to select images to go in the company newsletter or to send to clients or whatever.  516 more words