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Speaking of rampant misogyny ...

I have nothing of import to say about the whole Jian Ghomeshi fiasco. I never listened to his show and, to the extent that I had any sort of opinion about him at all, found his public persona to be decidedly off-putting. 217 more words

Rampant Misogyny

Why Jezebel?

Many people ask me why I chose the name Jezebel. As you will see she has lived up to her name, but the name stems from the day I found my sweet Jezebel. 173 more words


I am not a decoration.

I’ve been sexually harassed on a number of occasions.

I once had a man grab my breast while working in an Upper East Side restaurant. I’ve had countless random men grab my butt while I’ve been out. 590 more words

Street Harassment

Have a Destination Wedding (and ignore the haters).

I stumbled across this article by Jessica Coen on Jezebel. While she calls out someone for complaining about being invited to a destination wedding (an absolute asshole), she makes the case saying that a bride and groom having a destination wedding do not actually want you there because it will cost them money. 526 more words


Follow Up: Roxane Gay and Jezebel vs White Male Writers; Misrepresentation, Lying, and Overall Bad Writing

Sunday wasn’t the first time I’ve tweeted a link to one of my blog posts, articles, etc. I do it most of the time I publish something online; mostly because that’s just what you do. 1,914 more words

Topic Driven


In America, if you dream of a white cat it’s supposed to be good luck. I think having a cat dream at all is lucky stuff.


5 Facts About Domestic Violence To Consider This November (And Every Other Month Too)

November is the month in which many of us will wear white ribbons to draw attention to the terrible scourge that is domestic violence. Our traditional understanding of domestic violence as something men do to women is inadequate in so many ways, and continuing to focus on this important but narrow characterization of domestic violence ultimately hinders effective ways to deal with, and end, violence in families. 1,026 more words