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Letters from Jesus: Thyatira

Jesus is not harmless.

His letter to the church in Thyatira, a church that had followed a bad teacher into sexual sin and worshiping idols, makes that clear. 815 more words

Jezebel Was Right About The Fappening, I Was Wrong. Sorry About That

I wrote a post some time ago about how I disagreed with Jezebel’s interpretation of The Fappening.

While I have vowed to myself not to write about The Fappening, this issue is serious enough to break that vow. 438 more words


Check this out: The Daily Show's Take on Campus Sexual Assault

Jessica Williams is soooo good in this clip! This banter between her and Jordan Klepper is painstakingly true… definitely a must see (click the link below for the article/video). 11 more words

Women And Children's Rights

The Real 'Ms. Universe'

Wisdom speaks…. 

No matter your particular gender you more than likely have experienced hearing the alluring speech of a beautiful woman…one that knows she is beautiful, knows her demeanor is charming & attractive…& you knew it too! 658 more words

Check this out: Sexual Harassment in the Senate

WTF. This is a big deal. I actually can’t even believe this isn’t getting more publicity. Check out the article below and prepare yourself to be EXTREMELY pissed at male Senators. 10 more words

Women And Children's Rights

Fusion: Jason Johnson on NFL Reaction to Ray Rice

On AM Tonight with Alicia Menendez on Fusion, Dr. Jason Johnson discusses the indefinite suspension of Ray Rice and the treatment of domestic violence in the NFL with Cyd Zeigler of OutSports.com and Erin Ryan of Jezebel.com. 197 more words

Jason Johnson On Television