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Rape Culture. Times Are Changing

Written by Lourdes Bernabe

“Rape culture” is a culture in which sexual violence is considered a normal part of life. It is a culture in which people aren’t taught not to rape, but are taught how not to be raped.   777 more words

Jezebel's Disastrous, Agency-Oriented Feminism

Another topic from our most recent class was the terrible Jezebel article on Saartjie Baartman.  By coincidence, my girlfriend later that day sent me a link to an excellent critique of the article.   251 more words

The Accidental Feminist

With feminism being a hot button topic of 2014  it seemed important to take a look at it in terms of myself and even more importantly in terms of this blog. 1,158 more words

Race, Culture, And Society


She was a virgin but a lesbian, sleeping with different ladies, seducing them and having affairs with them; whenever a guy approach her, she act as a saint, get in touch with them but keep using nails to destroy them, so the men keep running away from her, but still claiming a virgin! 709 more words

Honey Instead Of Vinegar: Why I Don't Demand People Be Politically Correct

If you’d like to lead a horse to water, it’s probably not a good idea to try and drown it. If want someone to adopt your ideas, you’re less likely to win them over to your cause by calling them an asshole. 1,369 more words

Times & Seasons: That Woman Jezebel

DISCLAIMER: I am not a pastor. I’m not an appointed priest. I really have no authority other than what the Lord has given me as a child of God. 2,005 more words