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'Birds Of A Feather' -- More Found Verse From Jezebel's Saturday Night Social

This is yet more nearly-literal found verse from Jezebel’s Saturday Night Social. I like this one, even though I have no idea what the beat is and don’t know if anyone could ever sing it. 159 more words


'Go Nude' -- More Found Verse From Jezebel's Saturday Night Social

This would be one of those slow, slow, slow, slow Radiohead songs like Nude and “Go Slowly.” These lyrics are taken literally from a post in Jezebel’s Saturday Night Social. 97 more words


Writing Prompt: Trying To Turn Jezebel's Saturday Night Social Into Song Lyrics

This is going to be tough, but fun. I’m going to try — try — to use a thread on Jezebel’s Saturday Night Social as a writing prompt for a song. 196 more words


a response to Jezebel's "I Don't Know What to Do About Good White People."

Before anyone reads this, I should say that you should read the article I’m referencing first. It’s really good, reads like a literary essay, and thought-provoking. 869 more words


Until We Meet Again...


An incredible sendoff to an incredible character. I’ve been watching since middle school. I grew up politically as a member of the Colbert Nation. This was a genuinely, potently sad moment for me and I imagine countless other viewers. 314 more words

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Mixed Results in Acquitted Rape Suspect’s Online Defamation Case

Rulings on an attorney’s complaint against online media outlets for reporting on sex charges against him present a mixed bag.  In Huon v. Breaking Media et al., … 542 more words


Got Some Compromise?

So what should Christians feel or do about those who, based on anti-Biblical ideas, promote, encourage, or condone immoral acts such as sexual immorality (in its many flavors), unethical business practices, gluttony, or false teaching? 392 more words