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There is a light that never goes out

This past Sunday, I went to church of my own accord in the first time in roughly eight years. 

I had to use Google Maps to find it, because I’d never been to this church before. 430 more words

Do you ever wake up in the morning filled to the brim with optimism for the day, ready to conquer big things and take on whatever may challenge you? 260 more words

On growing up & being the punchline to my own joke.

I don’t know about the rest of humankind, but for me, life has had a way of making me the joke and the punchline. It’s made been the comedian and the butt of the joke at the same time, the funky irony in my own offbeat story. 452 more words

In a world of locked rooms...

I hate hearing people describe quirks as “OCD.” Keeping your house tidy isn’t OCD. Putting on your shoes the same way isn’t OCD. Those are habits. 395 more words