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Kicking RA in the Butt!

So this blog isn’t just going to be a blog about what is going on in my journey with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and what I have found that I am able to do to overcome the troubles associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis,  but will also hopefully be able to include the worries and the stories, and the concerns of all of your stories about dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and what’s great about this blog, is hopefully it will be able to help people of all ages, from a couple of days old to 103 years old. 71 more words



Vill verkligen bara skrika. Men hon sitter ju här bredvid mig, så det går ju inte! Får panik. Skitsjukdom, jag hatar dig verkligen. Varför skulle min lilla dotter få två svåra sjukdomar för? 35 more words

Älskat Astmabarn

Letter from Anonymous Ghost Child

I’m assumed to be doing my homework as we’re supposed to pretend nothing is the matter and today is just like any other day.  But it is not and it is with trembling hands that I type this.  2,341 more words

Deven Rue

Influences on Modern Life - 800th Anniversary Edition

For generations, mankind has been living as intended, in the Gardens. The Gardens are a series of cities whose borders are constantly monitored and connected through solar-powered trains. 3,918 more words

Deven Rue

Reumatism, MS, SLE, ME och andra autoimmuna sjukdomar, borrelia bakom?

Kopplingen mellan borrelia och autoimmuna sjukdomar är mycket intressant. Nästan alla med kronisk borrelia har felaktigt fått nån eller flera av dessa diagnoser av Svensk sjukvård. 617 more words

Busan baby!

I’m in Busaaaaan baby :D with my best best best friends hihihhih!

We are Weirdos 💀💀

We are the queens of fashion yo! ;)

Sweet night! 12 more words


Letter From Canada

I relax in the forecourt of my favourite café, the Green Bean, on the south, and most often at this time of year, sunny, side of what the municipality, and most of the rest of us, call the town square, and while sipping, contemplate the calmness of this cloudy cool evening, with its hints of October snapping at the heels of our t-shirt ‘n sandal September, another in a long line, at least by my calculations, of near-perfect unveilings of autumn. 1,197 more words