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Busan baby!

I’m in Busaaaaan baby :D with my best best best friends hihihhih!

We are Weirdos 💀💀

We are the queens of fashion yo! ;)

Sweet night! 12 more words


Letter From Canada

I relax in the forecourt of my favourite café, the Green Bean, on the south, and most often at this time of year, sunny, side of what the municipality, and most of the rest of us, call the town square, and while sipping, contemplate the calmness of this cloudy cool evening, with its hints of October snapping at the heels of our t-shirt ‘n sandal September, another in a long line, at least by my calculations, of near-perfect unveilings of autumn. 1,197 more words

Selca Sunday Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Welcome to this week’s edition of Selca Sunday, where the infinite space of the internet that is dedicated to K-Pop star’s social media ongoings are consolidated to the very best of the week. 128 more words


[OTHER WEIBO] 141101 Zhang Li Yin Weibo Update - With Red, Fei and Jia

@missA佳 @missA霏@MpireRed 할로읜!

@missA-Jia @missA-Fei @MpireRed Halloween!

Credt: Zhang Li Yin

Source: 张力尹_riin @ Weibo

Translated and Shared by: M.Pire Kingdom


[WEIBO] 141031 Red Weibo Update - Halloween celebration with Zhang Li Yin, Miss A's Fei and Miss A's Jia

在三位大神面前 瞬间我的妆显得又弱又low @张力尹_riin @missA霏 @missA佳

Trans: In front of three goddesses. In a glance, my makeup seems to be rather feeble and low. @Zhang Li Yin @missA-Fei @missA-Jia… 40 more words