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Juvenile Idiopathic Arthitis

Diagnostic criteria

  1. Onset <16 years
  2. Arthritis involving >1 joint with 2 of
    1. Limitation in ROM
    2. Pain with movement
    3. Fever
  3. Disease >6/52
  4. Exclusion of other juvenile arthritis…
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Author: S.Y.M

Title: LOVE YOU …

Genre: Marriage life, Romance, Angst

Length: series

Rating: G

Cast: – Jung Sooyeon- Xi Luhan

Other Cast:

Jia Miss A|| Jung Yoogeun|| Cho Kyuhyun… 3,581 more words


Idol Chat: If Miss A had assigned positions

So I was actually thinking about this while listening to their last album, Hush (which despite some iffy things, I loved)…but what if Miss A was built like your standard K pop group. 504 more words

K Pop

[Myungzy FF] Back, Drabble

Title : Back | Author : magnaegihyun | Cast : Bae Suzy, Kim Myungsoo, etc | Length : Drabble | Genre : Romance, Angst | Rating : … 1,272 more words


Ten things I've learned about parenting a child with arthritis

I still remember vividly the day our daughter first woke up unable to walk. On that morning, almost three years ago, we were transported to an unknown and unpredictable world – thanks to a disease we previously didn’t know existed. 748 more words


Pann: Jia says she wants to film WGM with EXO Tao


1. [+145, -15] What I don’t like about her is not about Tao, it’s that I really hate her personalities. A lot of people still don’t know about the Victoria incident. 285 more words


MISS A佳拍杂志画报 美到冒泡

Miss A的成员佳(Jia)拍摄8月号《bnt》杂志画报,微露性感。造型有冷艳的bra top,也有绚烂的碎花泳装,更配上时下大热的反光眼镜。不得不提那身针织透视长版衣,罩住里面的性感bra top,看了让人骨头酥麻起来呢!

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