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April 23 “Wordless Wednesday” – Share a picture or video on your blog!

Blog About Diabetes

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You and your antics

Oblivious to my non-apparent, confused attraction that
No one’s going to know about, except God maybe.

Quite surprisingly, I felt that when… 58 more words

Jibber Jabber

April’s A-Z Challenge: J = Jibber Jabber

…The titles of these articles were chosen by my friend Hayley. In a little social experiment I am conducting, I am using the same word she does for her challenge article, but I am not reading what she writes until after I have written my own piece. 333 more words

Anger Management

A couple of days ago I did this quiz to determine what my deadly sin is, and I got a surprise. Well sort of. I thought that my main sin would obviously be sloth or gluttony, but it was in fact wrath. 521 more words

Easy Living

What is Dining Fine Supposed to Mean?

Through most of my career I’ve focused on fine dining, sure I’ve done my time in a pub or two, a bit of institutional cooking, even tried out front of house for a time ( too much paperwork out there!). 224 more words

Jibber Jabber


It’s funny sometimes how an idea starts. This one started with an innocent comment by my mother-in-law and I hope will blossom into a place where I can share my love of food, thoughts on the hospitality industry and hopefully more than a few recipes. 458 more words

Jibber Jabber

Alles, was schiefgehen kann, wird auch schiefgehen.

Als wandelndes Zeugnis von Murphys Law bin ich ja sowieso bekannt. Also, bitte ich kann mich ja nur wiederholen, reiht euch nie, niemals in die Schlange an der Kasse ein in der ich mich bereits befinde. 309 more words