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Comparing bad apples to good oranges

We’re all looking to eat healthier in life, and judging by smarter food options that seem to be growing more readily available in the grocery and at restaurants, … 484 more words

National Peanut Butter Fudge Day

I’ve always been a huge fan of peanut butter fudge, so when I saw this day was coming up when I started this project, I couldn’t wait to celebrate it! 235 more words


Peanut Butter Quesadilla

I am addicted. Full. Blown. Addicted. To 2 things, one in and of itself : Jif whipped peanut butter in the pumpkin pie or Maple brown sugar variety & peanut butter, banana quesadillas! 297 more words

Cooking someone's goose

For something as new as Jesben Slow Cooker Sauce, and for someone as young as its founder, its slogan is about as archaic and dated as it gets. 260 more words

Innovation is useless without marketing to match itJif

While we consider ourselves marketing watchdogs, we can certainly take a moment to give a product credit where it’s due.

Despite all the fair and… 450 more words

Kinetic Typography Short Animation

This animation was a class exercise I did for my Visual Communication Design class. The objective was to create a short animated gif using type and color to express concern and/or share information about a current event. 45 more words

Clark University

Pillow talk

If you’ve never heard of a Boppy, it’s a unique product that was originally created as a baby support pillow, but also can be used to prop a baby during feedings. 695 more words