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Kinetic Typography Short Animation

This animation was a class exercise I did for my Visual Communication Design class. The objective was to create a short animated gif using type and color to express concern and/or share information about a current event. 45 more words

Clark University

Pillow talk

If you’ve never heard of a Boppy, it’s a unique product that was originally created as a baby support pillow, but also can be used to prop a baby during feedings. 695 more words

Bad medicine

Change is hard for products stuck in the past, but for a company that’s brand new it may be easier to look modern and get things correct right from the start. 171 more words

The Bomb

No – don’t worry – nothing bad has happened. Well, maybe it was a little bad – but in the good “bad” kinda way, like Michael Jackson – “Bad”. 893 more words

Jif- A brand worth following

Jif is company that has successfully used social to insert themselves into the homes of peanut butter lovers. Their content is geared towards mothers concerned about what their children are eating, and they are consistently engaging in conversations with their consumers on all channels. 420 more words

Jif, ignoring the problem only makes it worse

We seem to be on a Jif Rift lately.

Part of it has to do with Jif ads on TV. They’re continuing to use the outdated, old fashioned… 337 more words