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Robert Spencer in PJ Media: 7 Reasons Why the Palestinians Don’t Occupy the Moral High Ground

This is from Jihad Watch.

Just in case anyone has any serious doubt. My latest in PJ Media:

Children killed on a Gaza beach, Palestinian deaths now over 200 with Israeli deaths numbering only one – the mainstream media is in full anti-Israel mode, as it always is whenever Israel acts to defend itself against the relentless jihad that is determined to destroy the Jewish state.

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ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Calls to Wage Jihad

Published on July 6, 2014

…Says: Becoming a Caliph Is a Heavy Responsibility

My 2 Cents Worth

This man is deluded with murdering for God. Last time I checked God is love not hate.

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Australia to cut welfare payments to Muslims waging jihad in Iraq and Syria

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Nothing to get upset about here, it’s just our tax dollars being used potentially against us. 426 more words

Jihad Watch

Egyptian Propaganda: Fatwa Permits "Anal Jihad" for Muslim Brotherhood Members

Published on July 3, 2014

Jihad from the rear: Egyptian cleric Mazher Shahin gave an address on the Egyptian Al-Tahrir TV channel on June 26, in which he lambasted the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that it permitted homosexuality among its members.

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Slate: Climate change could have led to the rise of ISIL

This is from Jihad Watch.

The evils that globull warming causes.

It does not matter the ISIL is an organization of murdering muslim scum.

Let’s see: we know that it couldn’t be that the jihadis think that Islamic texts and teachings justify violence and warfare against unbelievers (and apostates and heretics). 543 more words

Bergdahl has not yet been asked why he left Afghan base: U.S. Army

This is from Jihad Watch.

Obama is keeping the Deserter Breghdahl off the radar.

The Deserter Bergdahl needs  to be charged with Desretion, Treason find him guilty on all charges then shot. 367 more words

A Fork in the Road - Dymphna

We are quickly approaching our 8th Blog Birthday.  Far out, huh!

It has been and continues to be a fun hobby for me, although Mrs. Nuke does chide me for the time I “waste” on the internet. 346 more words

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