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Mr. Al Qaeda Becomes Mr. Right Wing Extremist?

Breitbart, by Dr. Sebastian Gorka:

Peter Bergen, CNN’s Mr Al Qaeda, has declared via the New America Foundation, that the real threat to America is not the terrorist group responsible for 9/11, the Fort Hood massacre, or the attempted Time Square bombing, but “right wing extremists.” 727 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Man Sentenced For Role -- As A Teen -- In Jihad Jane Terror Case

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A young Maryland man was sentenced Thursday for his role in the federal terror case involving a local woman known as Jihad Jane. 172 more words


Islamic Scholar Rapes a 3-Year-old Girl in a Nigerian Mosque

by, Premium Times | h/t Halal Pork Shop

“The accused called the girl to a corner inside the mosque, removed her pants, used his hand to cover her mouth and raped her.” 212 more words

British Woman May Face Execution in Iran for Insulting Islam

Roya Nobakht. Photo courtesy of: Information Nigeria

 by, Shadi Paveh | Gatestone Institute

The notes from Dr. Azam’s medical journal include a crushed toe, broken fingers, missing fingernails, broken ribs, a skull fracture, severe abdominal bruising, marks of flogging on her back and feet extensive damage to her genitals.
975 more words

Go on keeping your distance from the #Mujahideen, for fear of being labelled a ‘terrorist, radical or extremist etc’. But, remember that you will not be able to distance yourself from Allah on that day that there will be no turning back!

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