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Look Into the Crystal Ball

Watch this video then read the speech given by Dutchman Geert Wilders about what he sees going on in Europe today. We must wake up and diagnose the disease called Islam spreading across the USA as I write this. 1,844 more words


Marginalizing ISIS

ISIS exploded on the Mideast scene with some quick victories supported by unrelated factions with their own agendas. Now Washington is throwing stones at the hornet’s nest, inefficient at best, sure to transform ISIS in the eyes of many into the “defender of Islam,” and also likely to consolidate support for ISIS in those quarters those quarters that happen also to land in Washington’s very blunt crosshairs. 842 more words

Former CIA Case Officer Clare Lopez Presentation on Islamic Threat and Western Response

Here is a presentation by Ms. Clare Lopez that I think serves as a firm background foundation of the Islamic threat for the average citizen and policy makers alike.

Islamic State

Meet the Canadian 'cheerleader' for ISIS

Canada, you have a problem:

This is 'Abu Turaab'—an ISIS Twitter cheerleader. We revealed his true ID today. He's Canadian http://t.co/O9MZNhwa9C pic.twitter.com/pllKXUQ57f

— National Post (@nationalpost) …

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The Power of One: #Iamyourvoice

Throughout the Bible, we see examples of the power of one person time after time. Abraham, Moses, Esther, Ruth, Isaiah, Josiah, Elijah, Mary, Nicodemus, John, Paul. 383 more words

GPI--Get Personally Involved

Just like imam used to make.

Trying to help foreigners understand America, the Gummint pays for some of them to study in the US as Fulbright scholars. Nasser al-Awlaki and his wife came from Yemen in 1971 on a Fulbright to study agricultural economics. 640 more words

Wars Of The Middle East

More Dutch Jihadis leave for Iraq

September 16 

On the News today, 5 teenage boys, 15,16 years old have left for Iraq. In the last few weeks in the News were reports of entire families – along with school age children – leaving for Iraq. 59 more words