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The Silence Of The West Is Deafening In The Ancient Lands of Christians

It doesn’t take much searching to discover stories reporting on the torture, rape and wholesale slaughter of Christians in the news. ¬†Reportedly every five minutes, there is a new martyr for Christ. ¬† 518 more words

Faced with antisemitic riots, French government does what it does best: appeasement

Muslims in France have been rioting, including attacking synagogues, in the wake of Israel’s retaliation against Hamas for months of attacks against Israeli civilians. Faced with growing antisemitic civil disorder, the French government naturally… … 280 more words


Pemberontak Libya Penggal Warga Filipina Sebab Bukan Muslim

Merdeka.com – Filipina kemarin mengkonfirmasi kematian seorang pekerja konstruksi asal negara itu yang diculik dan dipenggal oleh milisi di Libya. Insiden ini digambarkan sebagai kematian warga Filipina pertama di negara itu sejak revolusi 2011. 238 more words


Some More Logical Thought About Israel's Gaza Defensive and Vicious Antisemetism

The other day I was discussing Israel with a fellow Christian. While it was hardly unexpected, I was greatly saddened to hear that they believed Israel wanted to annihilate the Palestinian people. 1,597 more words


Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch discusses Islamic terrorism in Canadian headlines and the world

Military Videos of the World – Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch discusses Islamic terrorism in Canadian headlines and the world.

Robert Spencer of the website Jihad Watch discusses topics regarding Canada and Islam terrorism A Muslim in Calgary Alberta states that Islamic jihadists are going to attack Canada and the United States 1 A Jewish university professor Aaron Hughes has been ignored when he made his concerns know that many of the Moslem students in the University of Calgary are becoming radicalized and have been intimidating him because he is a Jew and was treated with antiSemitism Calgary police know there is a growing Islamic terrorism presence in the state of Alberta Canada

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