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September's book: Polo by Jilly Cooper

No, really. Much to Jamie’s chagrin, the 80s MASTERPIECE by JCoops is our read for September. I imagine a few of LBC’s boys are thanking the heavens for their Kindles: the cover of this one is none too subtle. 202 more words


I think I've been left-handed again...and written this book series backwards!

Being a south paw has always had its own peculiar challenges; pens in banks that are on the wrong side, bumping wrists with fellow students in the classroom, now that I’m a teacher no student being able to read my handwriting, ticking ‘backwards’, turning the page at a right angle, having the bowler shout ‘left hander!’ whenever I’ve played rounders…the list goes on. 888 more words


Jilly Cooper - Old Skool!

I can still clearly remember being in the third year at school and being in a long queue to borrow Hannah Forsyth’s copy of Jilly Cooper’s… 183 more words

Erotic Romance

Elitism in Academia: "Cheers professor, but I'll stick to my Potter paperbacks, thanks."

The Preface

There comes a period in every modern teenager’s school career when the colour in the eyes of teachers around them turns from a nonchalant glaze to a burning glint, when they are expected to pack away immaturity (although many of us never do) and face the music of responsibility. 1,859 more words

Angel Crow